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June 22 2011

Confirmed: No Avengers Hall H Panel at this year's Comic-Con. The L.A. Times has confirmed that there will be no panel at San Diego to promote The Avengers film.

The L.A Times speculate that Marvel Studios might be saving things for August's D23 Expo in Anaheim since that is a Disney-dedicated convention.Marvel is owned by Disney and might want to use their own convention for a big Marvel splash.

They also report that even though there won't be a panel,Marvel Studio's will still have a big booth presence at Comic-Con.

I speculate they might do a post-premiere panel for next year's SDCC (supposing everything goes to plan, and it is the bombastic success we're expecting it'll be), so Marvel Studios can promote the post-Avengers follow-up movies plans.
I'm actually not overly distressed by this. And honestly there isn't much they could do panel-wise. I'm still assuming, however, that Joss' usual Ballroom 20 gig will still happen?
I was hoping there would be a trailer shown.
Yeah but that's basically all they could do, if that, and you can't build anpanel around a trailer. They could still debut a trailer in some other venue/format there.
Good... SDCC is used so arbitrarily these days... when you consider that in the grand scheme of things, not that many people go to it.
I don't think a comic book movie at Comic-Con would be considered "arbitrary".
Well all this means is that no official panel will be set up ahead of time, but I'll be surprised if Joss doesn't have a trailer to show, and maybe will bring out a lot of the stars on to the stage (like last year) to help create 'buzz'.
Yeah, I'm still suspicious about this whole thing. I'll believe it when I *don't* see it :)
They may well have opted to keep shooting during Comic-Con. I think I would.
Although I'd still be surprised if they'd keep Joss from heading in to do his usual thing. (And, you never know, Marvel could always hold a special edition of Captain America's opening day and present an Avengers teaser with it.)

ETA "if Joss wants to do his regular thing". It'd probably just be a lot of questions there are no answers to.

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Well, I think this sucks, since this is the first and likely only year I'm going be travelling down to SDCC. I would be very, very disappointed if Joss doesn't do some kind of panel.

We'll have to see as the full schedule isn't posted until a few weeks before the show.
Matt_Fabb don't be disappointed, it is NOT going to suck! I only went one year when Joss had nothing to promote (no video of anything) and he did a one man panel anyway (which was awesome). SDCC is always amazing, I only wish I could be there!
There might be a Captain America screening -- somewhere -- Thursday morning, with Chris Evans and Hugo Weaving.
It seems pretty clear that this proves 'The Avengers' is actually a hoax and not being made at all. No other logical explanation exists for not having a Comic-Con panel.
b!X - it's still a film rather than a comic, even if it's a film based on a comic - also it's *A* comic con, not *the* comic con. There are others! All over the world! And quite a few with higher attendance rates. The announcement venues they use for these things are by their very nature limited capacity. I don't think it's actually a very efficient way of marketing something like this. Hence why I say "arbitrary".

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