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June 23 2011

Want to ask Joss Whedon a question? He'll be at the Can't Stop The Serenity LA event on Saturday. So if you have a question for him (and/or Felicia Day and Michael Fairman), just reply to Comic Center's tweet and include the hashtag #CSTSLA.

That hashtag can be used for asking questions of Felicia Day, Michael Fairman or the whole group as well.
Cheers for that.
Somebody say hi to him for me.
I fully expect the video of the Q&A to be linked here by the time I get home Saturday evening. Don't fail me, Whedon-persons!
Wow. That's one powerful actual reason for me to maybe possibly finally join twitter. Now all I need is a question...think, think, think, think...
So who will ask what is on their iPods?

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