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June 23 2011

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 9 #1: the artistic process. A Dark Horse exclusive brought to you by Newsarama.

This party can only end well. Can't wait for the whole thing.
"Anyway, drinks, snacks, people, frivolity." That'll be my welcoming line at my next house party.

Looks like Andrew's hair grew out quite a bit, and he's rocking a scarf now. "Out of her league" indeed...

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Cute. Glad that Buffy is having a little fun. I wonder who her roomies are? Kind of surprised to see Riley there.

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Riley, Spike and Andrew go to a party. There's a joke in there somewhere.
Hairpocalypse Now.

Digging the exchange between Buffy and Spike. Love that Riley is there.

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"Any chance I can make you beg!" L-O-V-E.

"She's the third one this month". Hmmm, looks like the new apartment has an ominous secret.
Oh man, how I've missed the Buffy/Spike banter! I still can't quite believe we're going to get it on a regular basis in Season 9.
Buffy/Spike banter FTW! The writing is SO GOOD. Fun, witty, flirty, character-revealing. So much packed into one page.

And hey, Buffy invited Spike in once she was in a better place (happier, feeling more independent).

The facial likeness isn't the greatest for Buffy here in those bottom panels, but the body language is excellent so I'm not gonna complain. I think the art's still emoting like a bamf here (even if I wished the facial expressions were giving me a bit more).

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If these Dark Horse exclusive 'artistic processes' are put out to whet our appetites then they really do serve their purpose, my already whetted appetite is now even whetteder.
Riley is married and Andrew doesn't fit the expectations. They enter together to the party.

How long ago San Fransisco/California approved same sex marriage?
And Spike and Buffy are back in action, snarking at each other where they belong!
Loved the Spike/Buffy flirtation! This is why I have a box at the comics store, so I don't miss the good stuff.
Great stuff! I love Riley, Spike and Angel showing up together. I'm very up for seeing Spike interact with more characters than just Buffy.
I, too, want Spike to interact with more characters than Buffy. Hopefully, Xander.

Awesome page! I can't wait for S9.
Digging the exchange between Buffy and Spike. Love that Riley is there. Wishing that we had different art.

This exactly. The only one I recognised before the colours were added was Spike, and Riley, Andrew, and Buffy still don't look anything like themselves.
I love, Love, LOVE all these sample pages DH and Jeanty are putting out. I love the illustration of the process--and also getting the chance to imagine for myself what choices I might have made differently. ;-) This stuff was sooo hard to come by years ago. I remember the excitement of getting my hands on that Sandman script. My excitement for these pages is up there approaching that. (But never quite reaching it because, well, sheesh: Sandman! Gaiman!)
Spike! Buffy and Spike!! Levels of anticipation rising significantly...
Preview looks good.
Reads great, not sure about Jeanty's art, which is sad cause I'm usually so happy with it.
Drunk Buffy, fun!
Getting really excited for 9. Loved these preview pages.
Good stuff. I really like the art with just the inks.
I recognized everyone, if it helps.

I am with Maggie at being excited to see Spike hanging out with humans, and particularly a former rival like Riley.
I can't believe we get to see Riley again already! And he and Buffy are on good, party-invitational terms. I hope he and Sam didn't move to San Francisco, though...I like them on their Iowa farm.

And the promise of Buffy getting drunk is also getting instantly fulfilled. Booze it up, Buffster! The boys have got your back. Except for Andrew. Nobody better let him have more than one kiwi-strawberry wine cooler.

Can't wait to meet Buffy's roommates. I wonder how many there are...
This is really great and I am oh so excited, but I wish Andrew would be textually confirmed gay/queer/interested in men. :-/
"Not this year." That was perfect.
Weird. Buffy banter in the era of texting still feels like a whole new (awesome) world. Even though Faith was using it years ago.
I bet Buffy has an iPhone and never turned off the autocorrect function...
I like the party-pratty-took a chance joke in a pretty bratty William Pratt understanding Buffy "signals" way.

Any chance I can beg you for more panels Mr Allie?
I bet Buffy has an iPhone and never turned off the autocorrect function...

I just hope that when the monsters crash the party Buffy's pants have pockets this time around.
I turned my autocorrect off when it kept turning "hell" into something really stupid. I bet Buffy would run into that problem even faster than pottymouth me.
After reading all the hilarious texts that the autocorrect tends to generate, I decided not to fall victim to its insidious tendencies. If I'm going to be embarrassed, it'll be solely my fault.
I think I love this new season.
That particular threesome is one that I never expected to see arriving at the same party together. Fun combination though. I always enjoyed Spike's interactions with both Riley and Andrew so all three together could be potentially hilarious.

Love the Buffy/Spike banter too. For whatever reason, I've got high hopes for season 9 and this page doesn't do anything to harm them. Good stuff!

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