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June 23 2011

(SPOILER) New Captain America trailer is online. The lead in film to Joss' Avengers has a new trailer that just went online. Joss also did script work on this film.

I wasn't sure if this should be posted or not. Joss did do some script work on Captain America:The First Avenger since it leads into his film,The Avengers.

You know, Captain America never seemed this cool when I was a kid. Release day can't get here fast enough. :)
I'm looking forward to this, it looks wonderful (and what an awesome cast!).
I'm still uncomfortable with Chris Evans playing Cap. Not because of Fantastic Four, but because of that little bit of underlying attitude he always seems to have. Push made me feel better about it, but I watch this and all I see is superficial Cap, not the Cap who convinced Spidey to change sides during Civil War.
Well, (1) this is Cap right at the start of his existence, not decades later; and (2) this is a trailer, not the entire movie, so who knows. ;)
Of course, I was going to add that, but I thought I'd let you :)
deepgirl, one of the first Cap comics I read was Kirby's "Madbomb" storyline. While it could be over the top (almost the entire time), it definitely showed that Cap (and the Falcon) could be cool.

Since Joss was instrumental in the Cap vs. Iron Man resolution for Civil War, that's another thread for Cap in the web of Whedonesque.
No idea what level of involvement Joss ultimately had on Captain America (I think he said he was there to "tie character ends together" or something like that), but I'll tell you what, I am jazzed to see this--especially the final post-credits teaser. I suspect it'll be a good one.
I expect to see Cap, a lot of ice, and a few Avengers.
I am so looking forward to this... makes me all fangirly!
I can't work out how it'll end. They have as I see it, three options:

1) He doesn't fall into the sea and get frozen. It ends happily, and we find out he fell into the sea in the Avengers film. Makes for a happy complete ending with the potential for WWII set sequels

2) He falls into the sea at the end and freezes. Does not come out. That's a pretty daring ending to an action film. Especially as the majority of people will be unaware that he's fine. Brave end

3) He falls into the sea at the end and freezes, but be see him brought back to life in the future. A bit of a weird ending to the film, seeing as it would end, then he'd wake up 60-70 years later. Doable, but, again, an odd ending. Probably most likely. This would be the bit I imagine Joss would have spent most time on tweaking, as it has to lead into his film pretty much exactly.
Out of all the pre-Avengers films this is the only one that has really caught my interest. Looks fun.
The title alone is a difficult sell in Europe, but the tagline "Heroes... are made... in America" really is a sure way to kill what looks like an otherwise awesome movie. I just hope they won't use it on any posters.
Allycat, my understanding is that in most foreign markets the movie will be called just The First Avenger. If Marvel is that smart, then I imagine the American patriotism will be toned down in Europe.

As for how it ends, part of that is already known because of additional scenes they filmed before starting Avengers. Spoiler text:
This won't be the international trailer. I'm sure that line will not be used outside the US.
I believe Joss worked on the Steve Rogers character arc, rather than just tying Cap to Avengers...I also think that there are several lines in both trailers that sound very Whedonesque...can you guess which ones I'm thinking of?
I've seen several trailers and posters, to my surprise, that call him Captain America in the UK. That's probably not practice outside of here though.
Doesn't surprise me - it is what he's called, after all...

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