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June 24 2011

47 Reasons to Celebrate Joss. Buddy TV slideshows the purple one.

Well I'm not 100% sure I wanted to have to 'join' BuddyTV, but I really did want to celebrate all the wonderful joy that is Joss. My contribution was to remind people about Fray and Sugarshock, because they shouldn't get forgotten in all the other wonderful (better publicized) fun.
The Maybe-There-Will-Be-a-Movie Delusion

Nice one.
He was just a writer on Parenthood right?
"The older Parenthood lasted only a season (in 1990-91), but it marked the first show created by a much younger Joss Whedon."
I agree with a lot of these though; there's so much to love about Joss.
No 23. Buffy was not "cancelled". I see that claim made so many times. Grrr.....
48. He probably won't mind if I don't click through 47 frikkin' pages of reasons he's great.
I have to disagree with their opinion on Spike's poetry. As demonstrated in the Angel finale, it's all about the delivery. That scene showed the poem didn't suck after all.
48. He probably won't mind if I don't click through 47 frikkin' pages of reasons he's great.
Thanks Saje. Thesse guys had never heard of low-speed-always-down Internet?
10. Elevating the Tasterís Choice Guy

Oh... myes. Ahem.

There should have been an extra digit for:

48. Introducing the Cave Man v. Astronaut Conundrum (sadly missing).
That was a fun list.

Tonya J, I dunno...your #48 might be cancelled out by "Spawning the Spuffy vs. Bangle Wars." ; ) (I think the mods might back me up on this one. Heh.)

Hmm. Which then leads me to wonder, where the heck was the mention of the masses of writers his shows have inspired? Many, many (lots of), people out there have gotten their feet wet by writing terabytes (that's the technical way of saying "lots") of Whedonverse related fan fiction and have then gone on to become published writers. (Okay, I personally know of nine. But with my world knowledge being roughly equivalent to the ratio of a fairyfly to the earth, I figure there's got to be at least three more.)
There is an odd lack of mentioning Marsters or Spike on this list. Amber Benson's two appearances on Supernatural make the cut for Whedonverse actors on other genre shows, but Marsters work on Torchwood and Smallville didn't?
They did mention Spike. Note my comment above.
My favorite one was the existence of Satyana Denisof!
Joss created life. Is there anything he can't do? : )
They picked 47 reasons birthday-wise. Wait until he lives to be 100 - now that will be a list!

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