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June 24 2011

From SlayerLit's archives - a Gene Colan interview. The legendary comic book artist, who illustrated two Tales of the Slayer stories, passed away yesterday. There's an interview on the BBC's Buffy site from way back which has Doug Petrie talking about what it was like to have Gene working on 'Nikki Goes Down!'.

I've never seen a comic book artist trending on Twitter before. In some ways it was a real coup that they got him to draw those two Nikki pieces. Sad but I think it's kind of wonderful he lived such a long and productive life. He was and is appreciated.
Having the opportunity to interview Gene, one of my artistic heroes, was an absolute thrill. He was incredibly witty and gracious in a series of Emails we swapped, and my only regret is that his health in recent years prevented him from appearing any any conventions at which I could have finally met him face to face.
Dark Horse's Scott Allie has a retrospective up as well:

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