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June 24 2011

Gina Torres is a powerhouse in 'Suits'! Who watched 'Suits' last night? Gina Torres is smart and sexy, in fact the whole show seems to be. I hope this one is a winner for her.

I love seeing my BDHs on my TV, particularly when they get to be in a smart funny show in which they get to be both smart AND funny (and absolutely beautiful). I recommend this show if you missed it.

I got sucked in last night, and Gina was great. She pretty much was the smartest person in the room.

As for the show, it's a mixed bag. Most lawyer shows are. There were a few realistic beats; the mountains of paper, the long hours expected of Associates, and the power of the Paralegal. I also laughed about him having to have someone show him how to write a subpoena (I think that's what it was), baby Associates are so cute that way.
I didn't even know she had a new show! Thanks for the heads-up ... I'll check it out on hulu.
at one point she says "here's how it is'. I don't know if it was a deliberate homage or coincidence, but it was nice to hear it coming from a BDH again.
My niece said she saw Gina Torres, and my brother wasn't sure she was right - until I looked up Suits and saw that it's filmed in Toronto.
I thought it was great. It was smart and funny. Gina Torres did a great job.

ETA: I actually really liked all of the characters in different ways. USA did a good job with putting a lot of depth into all of them in the first episode, even when some characters are meant to come off as having little depth.

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Dang it! I hate lawyer shows. Hate them. I hate it when people I love are in shows I hate. Like Nathan Fillion in CASTLE. Hate and detest procedurals. My own personal hell will consist of watching procedurals for eternity. I know this is supposed to be a procedural-lite, but I watched the first two episodes and just hated them. Which I hated because I love him. Same with BONES.

On the other hand, all the genre shows I love get cancelled. I wish I didn't hate procedurals. And lawyer shows. And hospital shows. And most cop shows.
Njal, could not agree with you more, for the most part.

I cannot stand procedurals, lawyer shows or hospital dramas either, most especially the hospital stuff. They bore the life out of me. Castle, however, is on my must-watch list.

Don't ask me why or how it is that this particular procedural has managed to bypass my procedural hatred. The fact that Nathan is on the show helps but I genuinely don't think any individual actor, no matter how much of a fan of them I might be, could get me into a show that I didn't otherwise enjoy. Truthfully, I can't put my finger on why I got into Castle at all. I expected to watch an episode or two out of Fillion loyalty and then quietly drop the show, same way that I did Bones. Three seasons later, still watching.

Otherwise though, I'm right there with you.

Unless your cop show hate includes The Shield, obviously! ;)
I loved the first ep and am looking forward to #2, in fact I liked all the characters. Usually there is at least one I can't stand, but this one I hope I have not put the kiss of death on by saying I LOVE it.
Hopped over to Amazon to watch after reading this post. Gina is great. The whole show is great. And did anyone notice her necklace? I think it's a definite nod to Zoe.
USA is replaying the pilot back to back right now as I write this, I think they know they have a winner with this show (now I need to check out that necklace...).
Gotta' say count me among the unimpressed. The writing was mawkish with the young guys exposition being handled way too fast and the cape/bullfighting metaphor did not work at all. If what he said was accurate, the client should have noticed the bluff, not the other way around.
Some missteps (like the "He's doing it all for Grammy!" beat) but in general some reasonable performances, some decent dialogue and Gina being fab (and wearing a dress with some slink to it ;). Far from the worst lawyer show i've ever watched (not generally a fan of them so I dunno if i'll start following the show though).

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