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June 24 2011

"When it comes to storytelling, there is no Web drama I've seen as good as 'The Guild'". High praise from L.A. Times in article about the quality of Web TV.

He's specifically comparing the quality of the writing for shows like "The Guild" vs. web drama shows.

Just to be clear (for those who haven't read the article), the reviewer is critiquing drama oriented web shows and saying they come up short compared to comedy offerings like "The Guild."
I agree about the excellence of 'The Guild', but I disagree with the premise that only comedy works online. I think that a suspense, horror, and/or sci-fi show would also be able to capture an audience which would keep coming back for more. Of course people want a laugh, but I think The Guild's characters keep us wanting to see what will happen next... probably any good story with interesting characters will keep us coming back. A big name star will get people to click in once, but if the story/characters are not compelling then it is unlikely people will come back again for the second episode.
After Judgment. Although its genre drama, not straight drama.

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