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June 25 2011

The sexiest couples on network tv. Guess which Buffyverse couple and Firefly couple make the cut!

Of course they listed the vanilla option. I prefer the kind with nuts.
I have not seen many series listed there, including Lost, so I have no idea who Jim and Sun are, but I heard that in Lost the sexiest couples were a combination of Sawyer, Jake, Kate and Juliet.

May someone who has seen all the mentioned shows appreciate if the top is not about the hottest couples?
Wash and Zoe are on there too :)
Well spotted. I added that to the entry.
Eck! Choices, choices, choices. Okay, can't decide, give me the blindfold and dart! Whomever screams, wins! Simple, actually.
I was a bit disappointed that Marshall and Lily weren't there..
What weird choices... I mean, Ned and Maude = Hot???
Yay for Zoe and Wash, the one TRUE couple who will never start a shipping war!
These were great couples, but I'm not sure all of them were "hot."
Fun recognition for Buffy and Angel.
nice for Buffy and Angel ... and right now they're in the lead :)
I know these lists are a dime a dozen and mean nothing ... but it would still be nice to see at least one gay couple included. What about Callie and Arizona? They are both lovely sexy women (thus fulfilling the "hot" requirement for this list), and they also get some of the best storylines on Grey's. I'd be willing to be bet that more people watch the show for them than for Mer & Der.

And of course Willow and Tara should be on every list ever. ;-)
Sun and Jin? Really?
The comments section on EW's site about that Buffyverse choice...where to begin with those. Many are among the most asinine I've read about these shows in a good long while.

Canceling their subscriptions and wanting to vomit? They all come across as deadly serious and not just a case of having fun. They're genuinely angry.

I'd laugh it off but it's not even funny how angry they are. It's too sad to be funny.
Veronica and Logan! God I miss that show.

Stefan and Elena from The Vampire Diaries? Really? God, they have to be the most boring couple ever.
Same two couples leaped out at me, electric, but both for good things. Logan and Veronica were... he said it best... epic. Stefan and Elena, I dunno, it may be boring. I don't find it more boring than the baseline of human/vampire romance which is actually pretty damn boring at this point to me. And, since I think it's frankly a flat out better vampire mythology, with no "souls" or "no souls" to lead the audience around by the nose, I find that relationship if nothing else much more complicated than the Buffyverse example.
Trixie and Sol from "Deadwood". Those silly kids were meant for one another. 'Course, with Al's approval;)
Voting for Stefan and Elena because it's asinine that Buffy and Angel were labeled sexiest over Buffy and Spike. As Nebula1400 said, they chose the vanilla option, and sometimes I even wonder if EW ever watched past the first three seasons. Whenever there's a write-in poll for best chemistry or sexiest love scene, the readers put Spike and Buffy dead center, but whenever it's left up to the writers, it's all about Buffy and Angel and their timeless love *yawn*. Maybe EW should get in better touch with their readers and spread the love around.
Go Buffy/Angel - sexiest by far. It certainly was not the most graphic, but for many of us, it really was the sexiest. I love EW.
Love Buffy and Angel and totally agree that for me they are the sexiest ... You don't have to be graphic to be sexy ... Can't we all just live and let live about this stuff?
eilowyn, enough of the sniping against rival ships. I think you've been warned about factionalism before.
On a more light hearted mote, think we should give Lisa & Ralph from "The Simpsons' a chance.
Wow,reading the comments on that site;Shippers can be scary!
David and Keith from Six Feet Under! Nobody ever lists them.
David and Keith would be a fantastic choice ... but wasn't this specifically network TV? If there's a cable list, though, they definitely belong on it.
It is just repulsive that Chuck and Blair even made the list. Most abusive relationship on TV right now and one of the most abusive ever. And I mean "abusive" in an objective sense, in a professional sense. I have a good friend who has a Ph.D. in social work and she says that regardless of what clinical standard you use, Chuck is abusive and Blair abused,even if she is a bitch at times.

So why are they in 3rd place at the moment(Buffy and Angel are second - a lot of ballot stuffing by the Vampire Diaries fans - btw, just tried to watch Vampire Diaries and quit after 10 episodes)? There are a lot of teen girls who are absolutely fanatic about Chuck and Blair. I have watched Gossip Girl from the beginning, but I now just fast forward through the Chuck and Blair scenes they upset me so much.
And this always remind me to be glad about the anti-shipping rule we have here at Whedonesque.
Hey, what about Anthony & Priya? :)
Also, where the hell are Chuck and Sarah?
Personally, my sexiest couple would have to be John Crichton and Aeryn Sun from Farscape. But if I had to choose a Whedonverse couple, I'd have to go with Spike and Xander. I refuse to believe nothing happened while they were roommates.
Crichton and Aeryn is a worthy choice.

I'm watching "Lois & Clark" on Netflix (even though the episodes have been butchered to hell edited), so I voted for that.

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