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June 25 2011

Watch Joss Whedon live tonight at Can't Stop The Serenity LA. There will be a livestream from GeekWeek starting at 6.30pm PST. Felicia Day and Michael Fairman will be at the event as well. Update: If you missed it, you can watch the whole thing here and look who else turned up! Jane Espenson, Tim Minear and Nathan Fillion! The Q&A starts at around 58:00.

And soon I will be leaving to go have Armenian food truck food outside the theater.
Here's the direct feed link, and iPhone users can grab the app (username geekweek) to watch mobile.

I'll most likely be in bed as unfortunately time zones don't shift as much as I'd like, but as ever I think these events are really important and an absolute credit to the Browncoat community. The One True b!X created something in CSTS which has so much power it elevated that movie and TV show beyond a Big Media property to something with a lasting, real world legacy. I'm so incredibly proud of everybody who has anything to do with it.
Arlington's event was fun! The new promo was worth the wait.
New Melbourne Browncoats will be gathering to watch in Australia, and we'll be having a chat party too! If you're watching the livestream, why not join us - details here.
Excited to leave for there in an hour. I expect it'll be quite an event and my first CSTS.
Just got back from the Edmonton event. The Alberta Browncoats did a great job putting this on! Well done!
I am very excited about this, I cannot wait! Thank you all (California Browncoats) for arranging this, it is really something very special.
In my seat now. Hopefully the cameras will give me my close-up so y'all can see my pretty, unshaven face. That's why everyone's here, right? My face?
I want to all faces, Jobo. Including yours. And, upon occasion, my own.
Oh it has started (on time even) I'm so excited!
That was much fun. A little Firefly reunion.
Agreed - well worth staying up for. Must have been great to be there in person.
What was the last question from the audience? I didn't catch that. Joss replied "Angel and Faith (comic)..".

Awesome panel. Hooray for Whedonverse awesomness. Shiny!

I want a subterranean mole man comic book series.

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That was entertaining.I couldn't hear what the last question was from the audience member.The one where Joss answered by plugging Angel & Faith #1.
The question was about Ripper - as in, will we ever see it. So Joss' answer was pretty interesting.
Oh, there you are gossi. Afraid you had fallen face first into your coffee mug trying to stay awake, but you'd left the chat room already. Get some sleep, UK.
I bailed on the chatroom thing as it's starting to get a bit too crazy for my liking, Tonya. My crazy bar has lowered in my old age. (And yeah, the question was about Ripper).
That's interesting.There's been speculation that Angel & Faith will be using the concept behind Ripper.

Thanks NotaViking
I'm upset nobody asked what's on everybodies iPods. And I wanted to know about the german roleplaying guy some more!
Neat!!! Now, I must go look up Ripper TV series stuff. Thx.

It's nice to see that Joss hasn't been eaten by the Avengers monster. I worry about him, and how crazy is that?
gossi, I noticed you bailed when someone said nobody watched Dollhouse and you didn't reply. Sad times.

This was a cool way to spend 3:00AM though! Everybody was fun.
I missed it! Saddestofsadfaces.
I sure hope this was taped for youtube because I just got home and totally missed it. Saw some awesome tweets about it. As usual, which I'd been there, but as usual that would have been highly unlikely anyway. :)

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I can confirm I pretty much one of eight Dollhouse fans. And that includes the cast.


Kinda kidding.

Ps: three surprise guests.

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Apparently my question got asked, though, so that's exciting! Hope this is up to view very soon.
Simon's question was asked, too.
ME! I was a Dollhouse fan... and the Dollhouse comics are awesome and look to be getting even better (don't suppose the TV show will find fans from the comics? Or is that too much to hope?). Anyway I'm totally looking forward to the Angel/Faith comics (anyone know when they are due to begin?).

It was a great evening, I wish I had been there.... I have so much love for all these people! BTW I would like to make my donation to Equality Now through the Calif Browncoats but I couldn't find a link... Anyone have that?
It's archived here:

ETA: I half lol'd and half-squee'd at the twit-names I recognized. Angie-aria and Simonuk made me giggle.

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Pretty gorram good show. I was a little disappointed not to hear what was Michael's favorite scene as nobody passed the one mic to him and Joss had a death grip on his own. But the Heaven thing from Nathan was nice. :)
My question got asked? Wow. Is that Jane Espenson, Tim Minear and Nathan Fillion I spy?
This was the biggest LOL of the evening for me.
Agreed, Emmie. I can just see a new movement of subterranean mole people springing up now. Little do we know they're actually the villains of season nine, though (but not villainous in their marriage plans, which are entirely legitimate!).

I'm pretty chuffed I had my question asked (I asked 'what would you changed about your shows?' or something to that effect).
If we don't see subterranean mole people fairly represented in Season 9, I'll be protesting. The time is now!

I too am chuffed (wow, that sounds wrong) my question got in. Kinda surprised actually considering there weren't a lot of Twitter Q's presented for the panel to A. Yours, mine, Simon's, and was it one other person's?

It was a lot of fun and I'm really glad they streamed the Q&A because it was pretty fantastic. I was there with a friend I had convinced to go. It was his first CSTS and he had a blast.
Just rolling in from CSTSLA. Great guests, great org, and surprise surprise that movie can still make me cry. :) So fun to catch up with people I rarely see anymore. Fun!
I can attest to that - IrrationaliTV sat right behind us, and I could hear her snuffling - even over my own snuffling. This many times later, and Serenity still gets me. It is one fine film. (Mr. QG, who likes all the Whedon'verse stuff I like, but isn't a fanatic like myself, left the theatre tonight and said. "That is still my idea of a perfect movie.")

This was fun as hell. Saw a lot of Browncoaty-friend-peeps, and seeing Joss, his actors and writers never pales for me. And the Equality Now folks are exceedingly dedicated and gracious. The CA Browncoats did an ace job - very organized - and it was such a great theatre it would have been hard to get a bad seat.

I have one little event exclusive for y'all - here's the artwork for the event program in case you're interested.

I have it because I designed it. ; > Hope you likes it.

And glad you'all got to see the Q & A as it happened.
Embers, there's a donate button on this page here.
Great work, QuoterGal, and great work to all involved in the production!
Indeed, it went very well online. The stream hovered around a thousand people watching at once, so it acted as more exposure for Equality Now. And molemen.
It is a real achievement for subterranean molemen, who have been trying to get the world's attention. Thank you Nathan, Joss and Felicia for supporting them in their struggle for equality. Much better than the last attempt.
Danregal that donate button doesn't seem to be working for me: it sends me to paypay who wants to set up electronic communication but never gives me your donation link.... I could manually put in the CSTS email information to donate if I knew what email you are using at paypal. Thanks for your help and it was an awesome evening, you guys did a brilliant job!
Kudos for a job well done to the folks who worked on this event. I forgot earlier in my rush to decipher Joss commentary. I really enjoyed the stream and seeing such a great panel of people.
Embers, you can send it to donate @ Put CSTS EN donation in there somewhere. Thank you!
Thank you so much for the help DanRegal, you're the best... and last night was the BEST thing ever. I'll be very excited to hear what Joss' thoughts are for creating a big noise next year. I would really like to help make that noise if I can!
I think I fixed the button. If you still want to donate to Equality Now via #CSTSLA, (until June 30th) use the Donate button on this page,.

Thank you volunteers, guests, Harmony Gold & attendees. CSTS LA was a huge success! Prelim. total raised is over $11,000 for Equality Now!
Meanwhile what was going on here should pop up online as well, at some point. That's the evening's MC interviewing Joss, Jessica from EN, and me while the movie was starting in the other room.

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So many thanks to!
The program was fantastic, QuoterGal. I loved the ads on the back. And thank you for spelling my name right!
Thanks, Emmie. Making the faux 'Verse ads was the best fun - and now I've got started, I can't stop. Look for more in the future.

It's Verse-alicious.

Sorry I missed seeing you last night, Lady Brick - and I can't take credit for spelling your name right: it was whichever CA Browncoat kept their site updated, 'cos I grabbed the text right from there.

Look forward to seeing the interview, b!X - linky if you find it.
As this years Lead Organizer, it makes me feel so good to read the positive reviews of the evenings events. I had a great team to work with, Brian, James, Beth, Arielle, the gals from the League of Extraordinary Ladies; Christy, Amy. Dina. and Stephanie. Scott was awesome as added security. Dwight, Lynn, David, Tabin. John, Janette and Bethany all did a great job with set up and sales. Adam Levermore designed a wonderful logo for us (which is still available on t-shirts at Cafe Press until the end of the month, I believe) QuoterGal made our very impressive programs. If you ask her nicely, she may reveal what all the kanji means! William Pace in Utah designed the tickets and the 'passports' (signed by all the guests!) that were given to attendees in the Meet & Greet. Michelle and Rebecca handled check-in and tickets. My Mr. and my teen even pitched in with set up. Shawn Tutt not only entertained everyone with his music, he helped out with any task that needed to be done. Denise from Alegria on Sunset provided great tasty and healthy food, and Nicole from Fancy Fancy breads brought cookies and brownies for dessert. It was amazing to meet Michael D and Heather F. from Browncoats:Redemption. So inspiring!

Believe it or not, the most memorable part of the evening for me wasn't when Nathan arrived, and I knew that Jane and Tim were coming. It was when I got to meet Jessica and Amanda from Equality Now. Those two women are extraordinary and inspiring. I had the pleasure of talking with Amanda several times during the planning of this screening, and to meet her face to face was the high point of the night for me. It was also wonderful to meet b!X again (I was introduced to him by Julesong in '07 at Mutant Enemy Day) I'm more than a little in awe of him.

After attending a few shindigs, The Browncoat Cruise, a Browncoat Ball, screenings since 2007, helping on one and barely making one happen last year, I feel I have had the full immersion baptism with this screening, and am ready to commit to a deeper and more involved participation.
I'm sorry I missed you too, QG. My friend and I had to cut out early for food and sadly missed Dr. Horrible.
Well that was fun, and I was delighted beyond delighted when they announced that CSTS has raised a half million bucks for Equality Now. At the last CSTS here they announced it was about $300,000. So, yeah, we can squee for these actors and writers and creators whose work has become so important in our lives- I did, a little, and then had to go get the missus (a.k.a., Sid the Wily Dairy Gnome) to come and watch it with me- but the real deal about this is getting equality around the world for one half of the human race. We'll see the Twin Cities Browncoats at the next CSTS!
wrpnwft said:

Scott was awesome as added security.

I had a blast escorting the VIPs around. Apparently my cat herding abilities were successful, as folks keep telling me I did a great job, but honestly I was simply having a good time. Working with folks from the Whedonverse is scarcely "work" at all...

Besides, once I told Joss I'd arrest him again if he stepped out of line, things went smoothly for the rest of the eve... *grin*

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Where can i watch the Equality Now video? The video in link is cropped.
The little asian, at a CSTS event (for now).
Gossi, are they gonna put it online someday? There's no CSTS event or Browncoats organization here (not that i know of) and i don't have money to go overseas. I really want to watch it.
The enter CSTS intro video (Joss and others) will be made available online after this season of events. So expect it around the end of September. Equality Now will probably be making the Joss portion of the video available on their YouTube channel at that time as well.
Shiny! Thanks danregal ;)
CSTS and Equality Now would like for all the screenings to have their chance to have the EN video be a "first time" viewing experience for their attendees before it is made available to the public. It has always been that way. The folks at and GeekWeek will be releasing a video of the live portions of the evening, minus the CSTS/EN vid, then after all the screenings are done for the year, they will add that vid back in for a finished product, and it will be available on YouTube, and most likely archived on GeekWeek and I was told we could expect to see the edited version archived by Wed., 6/29.
Photos from CSTS LA! Beth was our staff photographer for the night and she got some great shots.
Those are good - I only had my iPhone 1.0 and so of course everyone looks like a tiny, fuzzy, ill-lit peanut.

Here's an explanation of the kanji on the program, and a few other things, and here's a zoom of the faux 'versey ads on the back cover, in case you actually want to read it and don't want to kill your eyes with teensy print.

(And if you read Chinese/kanji, please, please forgive me for what is, for the most part, a quick-and-easy and no doubt illiterate use of google translate to get the kanji I used. I did get some expert help from Numfar PTB - for which I thank him - and a few helpful websites. There is still an Easter egg or so to find, but I'll leave that for the adventurous.)

This whole thing was a massive good time, and had the added advantage of being, you know, both about something and for something. Both Joss' taped message and Jessica's remarks reminded us all of what needs to be done to help one half of the world have the same shot at a full life as the other.

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