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"How can I thank you, you mysterious black-clad-hunk-of-a-knight-thing?"
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January 11 2004

Aly and Alexis, tons of photos. Everybody say 'awww'.

Awww... they make a good couple.
surely it's not legal to be that adorable...! ;-)
They're so pretty! :D
Awwwww... can they get any more adorable than that? I think not!!
She must have a couple of pork chops in that bag of hers, judging from the way all those dogs keep popping up:-)
Is that J. August Richards with them in the first picture? & I love Alexis in a tux... wayyy 007.
I am not an 'aww' type of person.....

Sigh.....alright. "Awww". They *are* adorable. Hang Brad and Jennifer or 'Benlo' or the rest. Alexis and Aly beat them all. If they ever break up it would make me sad.....aww...

Oh and Alexis really ALWAYS sports his "Hahah! I got her! You don't!" grin doesn't he? Well, who can blame him. And man, even in the crappiest, overlit paparazzo shots, Aly always looks adorable and gorgeous.

Oughter be a law against it....
Agreed EdDantes about Alexis' shit-eating grin, I love it!

And yes that's J. August with them in a few pics ( I wonder if they hang out a lot?), and a couple with Sam Jackson.

What great photos! Thanks, Prolific!
Those two would have to score sky-high on any likability scale. I predict that if they get the right roles that they have the best chance of any of the Buffy actors to become major stars.

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