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June 27 2011

Pilot for David Greenwalt's new show 'Grimm' to be premiered at Comic-Con. David and fellow Angel staffer Jim Kouf will be taking part in a Q&A after the showing on the Saturday.

Should I even bother watching this show? Not only is it on the Friday death slot, it's also up against my personal favourite, Supernatural, and Fringe! I'll watch Supes live, DVR Fringe, and then have to record the West Coast airing of Grimm. While it has a good pedigree, it seems cursed from the get-go.
I've heard terrible buzz about this pilot...hopefully that's not true or it improves.
I liked the script a lot. Looking forward to watching it. I think it is a bit less involved(in the beginning) and more accessible than SPN or Fringe so it may end up competing rather well.
I've heard mixed things, but the pedigree and subject matter is enough for me to give it a shot.

It's not in a good time slot, though. All the geeks have stuff to watch on Fridays! (Depending how far I get in Supernatural, I might be DVRing season seven.)
I was not a fan of this pilot. Felt very by-the-numbers for a lot of it, not really offering anything I haven't seen before, and better, in other monster shows (including Buffy and Angel). I think it could make an okay MotW show, but I thought it was a very weak pilot. Disappointing, too, since I love me some Greenwalt.
^^ Where did you see the pilot??
I'll watch FRINGE live (may or may not DVR SUPERNATURAL, a show I've grown increasingly disatisfied with the past two years) and DVR GRIMM. I don't think I'll have much of an opinion of this until I see it. Frankly, I was much more interested in seeing 17TH PRECINCT go to series than this, but I'll definitely give it a chance.

I'll be doing a CHUCK-FRINGE double bill.
Njal, be grateful 17th didn't go to series. I saw it and was extremely disappointed. The one that was incredible that didn't get picked up was Locke and Key.
^^ Where did you see the pilot??

Sorry, not a leak or anything like that. My office gets screeners for just about all the upcoming pilots, so I got to see them.
^^ Oooh, I'm jealous. I want your job!

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