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June 27 2011

Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige talks about Buffy and The Avengers. He uses the show as an example as to why the movie won't feel overstuffed.

I Hope this turns out well for Joss, there seems to be a ton of pressure on him. I obviously can't wait to see it but a part of me just wishes he was developing some little cable sci-fi show somewhere instead!
I'm really excited about this film, even though I know nothing about half of these super heroes. But I'm also a bit scared for Joss that if people end up not liking this film, he'll end up being persona non grata when it comes to the big screen. I think that would devastate him.

And while the fact that literally anyone who's spoken about him in terms of The Avengers has been greatly positive about him thrills me, I'm also a bit worried it will end up like Scott Pilgrim: everyone who watches it loves it and the geeks hype it... but no one else tunes in.
It has Iron Man, Thor and Captain American in it. I think between Iron Man and Thor they're already into billions of dollars in box office. So, ya know.

I know nothing about the comics for these. But I'm hyped - as I said when rumours first appeared that Joss might be in the running - you couldn't pick a better person to juggle a boat load of 'big' characters, making it funny, and make it mean something.
As soon as Joss was rumored for The Avengers,I also figured that major reason was his ability to handle a large cast.Buffy,Angel,Firefly,Serenity and Dollhouse were all large ensembles.

Serenity in particular was probably looked at since that was a large ensemble for a film vs. a T.V. show and a film made up of characters with backstory from the show.The Avengers is also a large ensemble for a film made up of characters with backstory from five solo films of their own.It's a juggling act.A juggling act that Joss proved he was good at producing and handling.

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He's also Marvel Guy™ (i.e. he knows that universe - even in cinematic offshoot form - backwards and forwards).

...I'm also a bit worried it will end up like Scott Pilgrim: everyone who watches it loves it and the geeks hype it... but no one else tunes in.

I think the difference is, these are "name" characters, they already have a pretty big chunk of mindshare among the general public and 'The Avengers' is gonna be a big summer tent-pole super-hero release, an easy sell, not a slightly odd looking "video game movie" as SPvTW might've appeared to non-fans (those silly, silly people ;).

Interesting to hear Feige came up with the MCU, good move that (it's one of the big selling points of the source material and though I can see downsides from a film point of view it just seems weird it took so long for someone to suggest it). And yep, Joss can juggle geese ensembles like nobody's business. Everything's sounding good so far, when do we predict the big disaster that sends us into a tail-spin will occur* ?

*note to universe: this is not an invitation to be unjust
It is hard for me to see how any big disaster could ruin this for us.... I had expected a disaster before filming began (eg having the producers throw Joss off the project for no good reason, like w/Wonder Woman) but at this point we know that they have huge bankable stars who will sell tickets that first weekend, and we know that Joss has written a tight entertaining story that will satisfy the fans when they watch.

Am I tempting fate by saying that I don't see how this can fail?
I'm with you, embers. Of course, being positive about future projects would be contradicting years and years of the fandom being negative for no good reason. :)
Avengers is gonna kick ass!!!

Nuff said.
Whenever I'm positive about a movie production, it's almost always awful so just in case anything goes wrong here I have a statement already prepared. ;)

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I'm with Squishy (never, ever thought I'd type those words, but there you go) and embers, etc. When Joss tells us he's been prepping for this awesome opportunity for 46 years, and we look at the many, many perfect skills and the wealth of ideal experience across multiple mediums he brings to, let's see, a disparate group of heroes stitched together to save the world...very, very confident in the upcoming results. As long as they don't hire the yob who handled the Serenity marketing campaign to edit the trailers or anything, this should be a big old hit and carry the early summer before everyone goes over to glum old Gotham City for their jollies. Off the top of my head, no big comic book hero movies in between Cap and this, so audiences won't have a glut to sort through.

What's interesting to me is how Joss' core fan base will respond if (dare I say when?) he becomes 100% A-list off this. To use an increasingly obsolete but apt comparison, he's the super awesome indie rock band about to sign with Sony Music. The fans who've been with him since the early Sub Pop years (i.e. us) could feel a little funny about that. Personally I'd like to see Joss blow up into a massive entertainment empire to rival that Lucas guy because the output would be approximately 200% better across the board than what most major studios bother with these days (300% better than anything Lucas is involved in), but I'm guessing there's not 100% agreement among the faithful on that.
"What's interesting to me is how Joss' core fan base will respond if (dare I say when?) he becomes 100% A-list off this."
It will only be a problem if the owner & mods here at Whedonesque let all these new 'Johnny-come-lately' fans join here at Whedonesque which they totally won't deserve to do because only WE, Joss' TRUE fans (who followed Joss back in the days of Fox canceling him), deserve to post here!
Maybe we should get badges made up now, before the rush ?

(or if we go with a secret handshake I suggest something involving hopping)
Saje: (or if we go with a secret handshake I suggest something involving hopping)

Are you referring to how to identify a freemason? (That part starts around 5:30, after the brilliant "architect sketch". I would prefer not to do the hopping at 5:40.) My vote is for the handshake at 5:50.
Maybe subconsciously OneTev though i've vague memories of a similar sort of thing (not Python IIRC) where they're actually hopping with rolled up trouser legs (unless i've just conflated different bits of that segment, wouldn't surprise me).

Basically the more overt and absurd your "secret" handshake the better IMO, hopping would only be the beginning if I had my way.

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