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"This house will fall"
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June 27 2011

Fan spends three years recreating 3D Serenity set. He's not finished yet either. There's also the external shots. It's all one 3D object so you can spin the camera out - say - the outside cockpit window and back in through the skylight in the middle.

Holy crap. This is like one of those things I say I'm gonna do but never get around to doing. I need to start doing...
That is fabulous. Someone give this guy a deal to make a video game or webseries or something!
Heh. For some reason, I thought he was physically building it. Like at his house. Really, at this point nothing surprises me. Well done, though!
@buffywrestling - I thought the same thing and all I was truly flabbergasted at how much time and money would have gone into that!

Not that this isn't pretty damn impressive!
I wonder how much a virtual passage for a virtual me would cost...That would be so cool. I want to eat a virtual meal at the virtual table. Even if it's mostly protein.

ETA: It really does make one salivate for that hypothetical MMO.

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Just reminds me what an awesome set that show had. Why did they cancel it, again?
This looks awesome!

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