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June 27 2011

'My Little Serenity' - the trailer. The Big Damn Movie meets My Little Pony.

Awesome. Fluttershy as River was a stroke of genius. Most people would have automatically cast Pinkie Pie in that role, just as a tribute to her insanity, but of course River is a frightened, angry kind of crazy, which is evoked well by Fluttershy's interactions with the animals in "The Best Night Ever".

Let's see, the rest are...Twilight Sparkle as Mal, probably for the team leader parallel; Rainbow Dash as Wash, OBVIOUSLY; Pinkie Pie as Kaylee, the happy energetic one; Applejack as...Simon? Jayne? Couldn't quite tell; and Rarity is a shoe-in for Inara, though I don't think she appeared in the trailer.

Spike handled the Operative's lines well, but it sure is strange seeing him and Twilight as enemies. I guess Nightmare Moon didn't have enough footage to use.
That made my day. :D
Still laughing...
Why are there horses?

Now Fox knows why.

Very well done. I especially like "Jayne" with the little cowboy hat. Hearing the trailer again after so many years is also a nice reminder of the excitement of six years ago with trailers and still photos from the set and fans as extras with reports and...
That was unexpectedly awesome. Can't stop the pony!
My Mom still talks of my 'My little pony' as if it is the worst toy ever. And yet it was one of my favorite toys as a kid so seeing it paired with my fave sci-fi films like this just makes all kinds of shiny happy.

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