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June 28 2011

I Know the Answer! And I bet you do, too!

... Julie Andrews?
God that's a toughy. I'll have to recall I'll the people I know who've died that way. Lot to pick from.
Miss Scarlet, in the conservatory, with the lead pipe. Wait, what's the game again ?

Cool mention (though with that formatting you don't get the *beat* between "the World" and "A lot" which kinda spoils the delivery. Who do I write an angry letter to (for 500) ?).
Gosh, 2001? That makes me feel old.
Buffy as a Jeopardy question, stellar.
Whedon alum are everywhere. I discovered at almost any given time you can find a movie or tv show on with someone who at least guested in a Whedon show.
I said almost.

pppffft Kevin Bacon.
Joss has you beat on that whole six degrees thing.
That's awesome...but now I want to know the category and how much it was for :)
I just found a Jeopardy archive site.

The category was "TV Toe Tags" and the amount was $800 in the first round.

See here.

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Oh how I miss the Buffy and the Whedonverse. Sniff, sniff.
[consolidated in previous post]

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If I had seen that live I would have totally squeed loud enough to injure at least a couple of eardrums. (I'm sure the eardrums of the world are grateful for my missage.) It happens to me so seldom, that any time a Jossversian reference pops up in my world I totally over-react.

In other notes: linked on the same page is a blog entry about the "Archie Meets The Punisher" comic. That is just bizarre. I had no idea that it even existed. I totally want to read it now.
BreathesStory - I actually did see it live (or, rather, I saw it when it originally aired). And yes, I squeed. My apologies, eardrums.

The thing I thought was funny is, if I remember correctly, the guy who answered correctly clearly wasn't sure and was just making an educated guess. So, "Who is Buffy?" became an actual question: "Who is... Buffy?" I remember thinking, "I probably would have said, 'Who is Buffy Anne Summers?' just to see Alex's expression."
If there were an Angel/Buffy Jeopardy, we'd all clean up big time!
I saw this live and I definitely squeed! Buffy related questions seem to come up every now and again. Nice to see that the show is not forgotten. Also cringed a bit at how spoiler-y it is ):
Heatherondo said:
pppffft Kevin Bacon.
Joss has you beat on that whole six degrees thing.

This is why I actually started Six Degrees Of Joss Whedon a while ago, over at! :)
Man, I love it when Buffy clues show up on Jeopardy. It's at the opposite end of the "two-fandoms-colliding" of Joss directing the Avengers. Others include the clip from "Blood Ties" on the Daily Show, and BSG actors on Dollhouse, etc. Too bad I missed Jeopardy last night...
pppffft Kevin Bacon.
Joss has you beat on that whole six degrees thing.

It's amazing how some shows are magnets for Buffyverse actors. House had a bunch. I'm half-way through Lie To Me, and they've had six alraedy. (Felicia Day, James Marsters, Marc Blucas, Andy Umberger, Clea Duvall (Marcie the invisible girl), D. B. Woodside)
I also saw this live and I yelled 'Who is Buffy?!?' at the top of my lungs! Then my roommate high-fived me. There was an Angel one a while back. The category was about television law firms and 'Wolfram & Hart' was the answer. I get super excited when these Whedonverse questions pop up! : )

ETA: Here is the link to the Angel question.

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Oooh, and it was a triple stumper!
What's a triple stumper?
An extremely unfortunate wood-chipper encounter ?
Saje - it's times like this I wish I could 'like' people's comments. Consider your comment liked.
And I too want to sing the praises of our pal Saje, when I looked at the picture, I said the same thing..."that's not right!" They had the wrong line split/formatting. A Lot.

"That suit is black pause not."
*saves +1 Like for a rainy day*

(and surely two angry letters would have twice the effect (and be worth 1000) ?)
Saje, all I can say is that I'm grateful I wasn't drinking my coffee when I read your answer.
It is good they didn't asked about the show where a character jumped to death, in an episode called "The Gift", to gives the world another chance, cause in this case, Flashfoward could fit in too.
Thanks for the link to the full board, StalwartTrue. When I saw the board, I realized that I watched that night but tuned in after the Buffy clue. That's probably a good thing. Had I seen it live, I probably would have frightened my dog.

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