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January 11 2004

Gotta Have Faith. Gotta have the Faith 12" figure, that is.

geez it looks nothing like her. looks more like iyari limon...
What is that, Faith's mom?
Wow, that is one ugly doll and looks nothing like Eliza Dushku and looks like an old, tired woman. After seeing how great the faces match up on the Spike, Angel and Buffy doll I was shocked at the face on that one.
I think that's a figurine of Joyce dressed up as Faith for Halloween....

Really, I've seen a lot better than this.
That's a pretty poor copy of Faith. First thing that sprung to my mind was Amy the Witch.
I agree with you Tracy, it looks like Kennedy way more than Faith. There's one I won't be purchasing.
Ridiculously bad. Nothing like Faith. Yet it looks like it resembles somone real. The whole thing rather bizarrely reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld in which Elaine stumbles on a store mannequin that looks exactly like her. I have this feeling that there is some poor unsuspecting soul out there who looks exactly like this doll and is going to freak out if and when they come across it. Maybe it's a relative or long lost girlfriend of the person who created it? Or someone he/she saw in the street one day?
Phlebotinin - That's just too funny!!
is that a pump action shotgun whoever it is is holding? I'm trying to recall an ep where Faith carried a shotgun. Maybe on Angel?
I think this would be perfect if they were aiming for the Bizarro World version of Carrie Fisher.
PwincessCupcake, that was my first thought! And not hot, young Princess Leia era Carrie Fisher. Something a little later on, and a little frumpier. All right, a lot frumpier.

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