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June 28 2011

Happy Birthday to Felicia Day. She's 32 today.

I want to wish my favorite lady geek a VERY happy birthday! I am loving her Guild comics and I cannot wait for the new season of The Guild to begin (I wish I could see her at Comic Con this year!).
Have a wonderful day, filled with joyful inspiration!
Aw, love Felicia so much. Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, Felicia!
From her facebook feed: "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!
Thank you for all the support and love. Sometimes people in Hollywood ask me why I don't give up my web stuff and go to TV, where the big money and fame is, and it's days like this, where the outpouring of love and support from you guys makes me seriously tear up, that make me realize I'm doing the right thing with my life, being a part of your community. ♥"

"Also people are asking if I have a charity to donate to, so please give to your local Humane Society if you are inclined.
Back to my birthday vacation!
Continue being awesome Ms Day. And happy birthday to you Felicia!
Happy birthday! You don't look a day over 25 :)
It's true, she really doesn't. Happy birthday, Felicia, still SO awesome!
Happy birthday Ms Felicia Day, have a cracker.

And remember, this is your last power of two for quite some time, use it wisely.
Many happy returns!
Happy birthday to me!

Oh, you too, Felicia! You're alright, I guess. ;)

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