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June 28 2011

Who should be the villain(s) of The Avengers? has their top 10 list of who should be cast as the big bads and why.

Funny, they don't mention the one guy that we know is actually gonna be an Avengers villain -- Loki. Especially funny since he's also the first villain they ever faced in the comics.
Well said Squishy. My thoughts exactly. Unless Joss is planning on bringing in Bad Horse.

I'm hoping Loki and Dr. Doom team up and use the Cosmic Cube to control the Hulk--so once they beat the Hulk, they still have Dr. Doom to take out. (It seems nobody ever really beats Loki)

And to expand on the team-up idea, what if they took the villains from the Cap movie (red skull), Iron Man (whiplash), Hulk (abomination) and Thor (loki) to create an evil...league of evil. Which brings us back to Bad Horse. Ugh. All roads lead back to Bad Horse.
"All roads lead back to Bad Horse."

Well, "you can't stop the pony." *looks around nervously* Um, he didn't hear that, did he?
I would love it to be Thanos. I remember first reading his arc way back way back and being gripped by it.
alexreager, can't have Doc Doom, he was already featured in "Fantastic Four". Until rights revert back to Marvel, no can touch.

I've been hoping for AIM. The idea of crazy scientists trying to take over the world, with Kirby-esque overdesigned weapons, MODOK, and the Super-Adaptoid... wouldn't need a lot of explanation, and would look great on the big screen.

If they did bring in Ultron before establishing Hank Pym, it would provide a reason for Ant-Man/Yellowjacket to join the team of big hitters: redemption, and a way to stop his homicidal offspring.
Those darn rights agreements. But YES to Modok. I'd love to see his giant mellon-head on the big screen.

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