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June 28 2011

Transformers 3 with Alan Tudyk opens today in the US and internationally. Alan gets a surprising amount of screen time. Also, he's great.

Oh no, I didn't know Alan was in this.... there is no way I could sit through this movie (I found the previews hard to take). I guess I'll see it on DVD someday, when I can fast forward through the CGI mess/noise and just see Alan Tudyk (because I love Alan Tudyk).
I'm glad he got a big role in a blockbuster, I just wish it was something I'd watch. The first two made my face bleed...from punching myself for wasting money on them. But good for him. I think I'll wait for the youtube montage of his scenes.
Oooooh? Last I heard he was just a voice in the film, but I might accompany my family to see this one now I know he's actually *in* it. At which point said family will look at me with my big grin and roll their eyes at realizing why I saw this one and not the first two. :)
Oh geeze, I completely forgot he was going to be in it. Maybe I actually will see it... after Revenge of the Fallen, I pretty much lost hope and interest in the franchise.
I kinda liked the first one, part two was just flash and noise though. So, I'm holding onto the hope that this will be kinda good like the first one and not completely bad like the second.

And I had no idea that Alan was in this!
I have seen this film (please don't ask why). Alan Tudyk has a role that looks like it started out smaller, they realized what he could do and gave him more. He handily steals all his scenes and even has kind of an Alpha-the-Dollhouse-character moment. He's not credited in the voice cast, but since there are a lot more CGI characters that are voiced than credited voice characters, he might have done a voice and just not gotten credit for some reason.
Liked the first one well enough, it's a big dumb popcorn movie but those can be fun if they're done well. The second one was not done well and felt incredibly cynical, particularly in its use (and I mean that in the most pejorative sense - think one step above exploitation) of Megan Fox.

Trailer doesn't look great either (and at least in the trailer Fox's replacement looks like some 13 year old boy's caricature of a woman) so probably not, even for Alan. I've been known to see worse films on a whim though (particularly after a couple of pints of "judgement de-emphasiser" ;) so who knows.
Oh, female characters in this are terrible. It's like being back in the 70s. There's a grand total of two female characters - one is tough talking, but the joke is people call her a man. The other opens with the camera pointing at her bottom, and rarely moves from it. At one point there's an actual upskirt shot as she exits a car. Her character likes the guy... and runs... and screams... And, uhm, likes the guy.

Alan is really great in this. And The Avengers is going to kick ass.
Congrats to him! Hope he makes loads of money with it.
Been a fan of the Transformers all my life but cannot stand the movie franchise. The animated movie that was released in the 80s is superior in every way, most especially in its use of Optimus Prime. And he died in the first half hour!

The thing I find funny is how so many people over the years have criticised Megan Fox for her role in the mediocrity of the first two movies when she was pretty much the only reason I watched them both all the way through to the end. It certainly wasn't because of the "Transformers" themselves, that's for sure. The voice of Peter Cullen aside, I barely recognised them.
Well they are robots in disguise ;).
All that advanced Cybertronian technology and all they actually needed to disguise themselves was poor writing? Who knew? ;)
Never liked the cartoons or toys, and the movies are mostly big, loud, and dumb. But Alan elevates everything he's in, so... torn.

One thing is certain: Somebody needs to come out with a beer called Judgement De-Emphasizer. I'd pony up for that.
In defense of Megan Fox and now Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (the new young woman in the romantic interest role), those parts are written in such a way that I think it's just about impossible to give a credible performance in them.
Here there wasn't any critisism over Megan Fox in Transformers 2, since the movie problems (a giant videoclip without script) weren't her falt. However, the robot with balls didn't go well to the public.
Dutch and Simmons, aka Alan Tudyk and John Turturro, were my favorite thing about his movie. They make quite a good team.

@Shapenew: I agree. If his movies are anything to go by, Michael Bay seems to think women are only good for eye candy.

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Oh, dear. Now I'm going to have to go see it.

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