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June 29 2011

Fan film seeks to tell story of Mal/Zoe meeting. Kickstarter campaign has been fully funded. To be based on a short story written by the filmmaker about "what transformed Zoe from a woman just like any other woman to the hard-ass soldier portrayed in the series".

Not sure if using actual characters will cause them a problem. But, anyway, now we can debate whether or not Zoe was originally "a woman just like any other woman".
Or why a "woman just like any other woman" can't be a badass soldier.
Just about every woman I know is a bad ass. In other news, my friends are awesome.
I refuse to watch "fan films" of firefly. They are almost exclusively campy, badly acted, and just painful.
Not sure if I want to see someonenotJoss' portrayal of Mal and Zoe.
Definitely a legal problem. Those characters are not public domain. I'd be surprised if Kickstarter even allows this sort of thing. The only way I can imagine this working legally if it's turned into a parody, thus making it fair use, but that doesn't sound like the intention of the filmmaker.

Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II managed to do what they did because CBS allows for non-profit distribution of fan works, but I strongly doubt Fox has the same policy.

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I do think that the description sounds less than promising. It's possible the film could be good, of course, but going off the description itself ("a woman just like any other woman"?!?!), it sounds a bit like, "So Zoe was hanging around ironing and reading fashion magazines, when Mal came in and gave her +500 badass points."

"A woman just like any other woman" can totally be a hardass soldier, insofar as there exists any kind of "just like any other woman" standard (hint: there isn't).
I never really thought of Zoe as having a secret origin story. I kinda pictured that she had always been the way we see her now, albeit a slightly less hardened war veteran.

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Even I'm not a 'woman just like any other woman' -- I even have the military training -- but I'm certainly no ZoŽ.

ETA: A word.

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I always thought of Zoe as the opposite of what I think the creator is trying to say with his not-quite-right description. I see her as growing over the course of her life into the soldier Mal met, and only embracing a bit of "everyperson" lifestyle when she met Wash.

I see Mal as having more the transformation into a soldier from a more everyperson lifestyle.

But those opinions are just me, and my fan film would be different I s'pose.
Do we know anything about the person asking for money? Is it legit?
joss wrote this once. It never got filmed. I figure it might as well find a home.

I been through a war with Mal and seen what it done.

You were in that same war. But you live almost like a person might; you have an actual relationship -- a marriage. You didnít turn into some... Gorgon...

Iím career Army, my whole family is. I was already in when the war started. Mal volunteered, he joined the fight because he
believed. He believed his planet should be left alone. Believed we would win if we gave our hearts to it, that his generals wouldnít lay down arms while his men were still dying around him... That God would help us in our darkest place. See, thatís the difference between Mal and me. All I ever lost was a war.

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I've read that somewhere else before. I think it has other homes.
Oooh. Now it has more!
I've read that somewhere else before. I think it has other homes.

It's from the kitchen sink draft of the movie. It kind of goes well with the deleted Simon/Zoe scene from the pilot.
Yeah I knew I'd heard that somewhere.

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