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June 30 2011

IGN's '10 tv shows we wish got another season'. Hmm, I wonder what could possibly be on this list that has anything to do with Joss Whedon?

Also, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, starring the lovely Summer Glau, makes the list.

It would be a crime if Firefly is ever left off a list like this.
They're also right about Pushing Daisies and Terriers (that one especially still hurts). I would also have loved to have more Veronica Mars.

Some other shows that come to mind immediately are, that would propably make my list are Sports Night, Black Books and Andy Richter Controls the Universe. The Chicago Code might not make my alltime list but I would realy have liked to get more. Oh, and more Drive and The Inside of course.
I would have been very surprised if "Firefly" didn't make this list. It really is the show that everyone points to for "cancelled too soon" in any context.
I would have liked to have seen "Wonderfalls" on the list though.
I watched 8 of the 10 shows featured... maybe it's me :O

Firefly, Party Down, MSCL and Terriers hurt the most. Especially Terriers. I would have loved to see Dollhouse and Veronica Mars on this list as well.
Agreed so much on Firefly (of course) and Pushing Daisies was pure joy. I miss those two shows more than almost anything.

I wonder why the network wanted Twin Peaks mystery revealed so quickly. It really seems like they shot themselves in the foot if they wanted a show with some longevity!
I'm behind Firefly (of course) and Terriers, but even though I enjoyed some of the others, such as Party Down and Pushing Daisies, they wouldn't make my Top 10 list.

I would have very much loved to see more of 'The Adventures of Brisco County Jr' (Fox's 2nd best Friday night sci-fi/western), 'Boomtown', 'Carnivale', 'Class of 96', 'Enterprise', 'Farscape', 'Jeremiah', 'Once & Again', 'Rome', 'Sports Night', 'Veronica Mars' and 'Wonderfalls'.

Dang, now I am sad :(
I would have preferred another season of Angel over another of Firefly.
'I would have preferred another season of Angel over another of Firefly.'

Read After the Fall then, it's official, well-done and not restricted by budget!
I don't count the comics as canon. IMO, Buffy ended in 2003 and Angel in 2004. The comics are a bit OTT.
I agree with all of those except Twin Peaks. Course that's probably cause I haven't seen it. Would've replaced that with Wonderfalls, with Dollhouse being right behind it. Actually probably would've taken something else off to add Dollhouse, but not sure what.

I would also add a few from Risch22's list, including Boomtown, Farscape, Rome, Sports Night, and Veronica Mars--that one most especially.

Lotta people saying Terriers is one of the most painful, and I wholeheartedly agree. At first I wondered if part of that is it's the most recent. Then I reminisced about the series a little, and no, it was just that good. I miss it something terrible and really hope the DVD gets put out sometime soon.

That list is missing so many great shows. The Chicago Code, The Inside, Drive, Wonderfalls, Dollhouse, Veronica Mars, Angel, Miracles and Profit.

I'd put all those shows way before Pushing Daisies That show never really did much for me. I never felt more than an emotional distance to the characters due to the hyper-fantastical way they were written. It was like a fun fairytale but it wasn't able to keep my interest for very long.

I may be in the minority, but of Bryan Fuller's quirky shows about someone with special powers, Wonderfalls was my favorite. It was canceled around the same time as Angel, and it was like a one-two punch. I don't think I ever recovered from that blow.

I've been jaded about cancelations ever since. I know shows I love are going to be canceled, and probably often. Anymore I think I've just hardened myself to the pain.
I don't count the comics as canon.

We should totally have a big long discussion about this ! Or wait... what's that thing where you don't have a big long discussion about what's canon ? Oh yeah, 'sanity' ;).

Gotta agree with many of those, disagree with some. 'Flight of the Conchords' S2 was good but not as good so I reckon they were right to stop when they did, go out on a high. Even though I would've liked more, T:TSCC was a cliffhanger with some closure so not as frustrating as it could've been. 'Party Down', though still funny, also felt like it had pretty much told its story - if you're going to have loser characters getting into hijinks trying to reach some sort of personal goal then there's a point where you either let them or you accept that your show is actually about loser characters not reaching their personal goals and just getting into hijinks, which is a different show, more episodic, less about the characters (they'd already employed some fairly glaring resets to keep some of the same characters in season 2).

And i'd add 'Journeyman', one of the more painful recent premature cancellations for me and 'The Inside', neither of which have had DVD releases or look like they will. Boo. From the dim and distant, 'Space: Above and Beyond' and of course, 'Farscape', the first cancelled series where my response was "Nooooooooo!" rather than just a mild "Wonder why that never came back ? *moves on with life*".

(i'd have loved more 'Veronica Mars' but as said the other day, it had a great ending and it got longer than it probably would've in other circumstances, on another network so not so painful as all that - if they ever make the film i'll still be first in line though. Same with 'Pushing Daisies' in fact, I miss it, wish it had gone on but at the same time am amazed it lasted as long as it did so can't be too bummed out about it, all of season 2 is a bonus is how I see it)
Wonderfalls. Anyone I have ever loaned this to has fallen in love.
Wonderfalls, Enterprise (Risch22, you're a bad person to remind me that once the show becames good it was cancelled), Kindred The Embraced and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip are allways in my list of "if the world was a good place they would have more seasons".
It's always nice to see kind words about Studio 60.
Let's hope Sorkin's new show on HBO gets made and that it can trive there for many years.

Never watched Wonderfalls and I abondoned Enterprise after the first season. Did it get a lot better soon? I saw Jeffrey Combs on it when I was channel surfing some time ago. He's always a good reason to tune in.
Did it get a lot better soon?
It depends what you mean with soon, the Groosalugg;) Cause just the 4 season is good, and I need to say, a must see, to every Trekker/Trekkie, since it gets an arc in Vulcan, episodes in the mirror universe,and the Eugenics war.

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