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June 30 2011

Firefly marathon this July 4th on the Discovery Science Channel. Starting at 8 am, Discovery Science Channel will broadcast every episode of Firefly in DVD set order (check local listings).

The Independents on Independence Day (U.S.)! Once the full run has been shown, a few episodes will be shown again. If forwarding to first time viewers, there are spoilers in the episode descriptions on the schedule page.

Now that is awesome.
Many spoilers in those episode descriptions.
There's an event organized by Unstoppable Signals to duplicate the mass online viewing experience #FireflyParty that some of us enjoyed on Joss Whedon's birthday for this marathon.

The idea is simple; watch the episodes on the Discovery Science Channel (preferred) or watch the same episodes on Netflix IF you don't get the Science Channel (or on DVD if you don't have that option) and join the #FireflyParty tweet-chat channel at the same time to enjoy a shared group event (the next best thing to inviting thousands of friends into your living room to watch the show with you.)

The viewing order (as planned by Discovery Science Channel) is the standard 1-14 preferred order as seen on the DVD sets, so if you have to watch on Netflix or DVD you can stay in sync. There's even a Facebook registration page where you can sign up and indicate you will be attending. Last time those registrations allowed me to tweet to
@JaneEspenson "started the evening with 3000 registrants signed up to all watch Netflix Firefly eps at the same time #FireflyParty" and she re-tweeted it to her 36,000 followers!

I had a blast last time watching people post some remarkable insights about the episodes, some hilarious jokes and sometimes just posting their favorite quotes. I think most browncoats would enjoy it.
Firefly > Fireworks
Does anyone know if this marathon will include the science-y bits that played during the previous airings of Firefly on Science Channel? Thanks.
Yes to the science-y bits in case anyone's still wondering.

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