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June 30 2011

(SPOILER) Patrick Gilmore on The Cabin in the Woods. Light on spoilers, as it's mainly just his role that's revealed. But some interesting background on the process of making the film, including the detail that most of the (non-starring) actors only got their own script pages.

He's generally very good at, and very respectful of, keeping to the secrecy. He also walks back some of the overhype generated by (ironically) sites like FEARnet.

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So we can we see it?! And, for the record, I prefer it not to be converted to 3D. How does that add to the enjoyment of the story, anyways?
The last anyone heard was that the 3D conversion never happened, although it was tested. Then there was a recent Deadline story that Lionsgate had picked it up for distribution. That's still not been confirmed/announced by Lionsgate itself, and news about the film is a giant black hole right now.
The October date got filled by Lionsgate with a Statham action flick, so I'm guessing it will be all quiet into 2012 now. But it looks like 2012 shall be the year.
Well, they do release more than one movie a month sometimes. No reason* they can't still release Cabin this October. (Definitely won't be delayed until next October, as that's just been filled with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D, so at least no one's making us wait that long.)

* Unless we've now passed the amount of lead time necessary to have a film slated for release at that time.

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Whats the longest a film has ever been delayed? This is pure torture. I wish they'd just release it on DVD so I could watch it.
I wanna see that second season of Firefly he got to watch!
Whats the longest a film has ever been delayed?

There's quite an interesting discussion about that topic at a DVD Talk forum.
The average film apparently takes around 7 years from script to release, so if Cabin comes out next year it will technically be quite quick for Hollywood.
I don't think the issue is script to release, but completion to release.
Wow! I just clicked on Simon's link and apparently the administrator at DVD talk forum has banned my IP address... which is weird considering I've never been to that site before
It's gonna have werewolves!
So ... in my foolhardy attempt to avoid spoilers, I opted to visit Patrick Gilmore's wikipedia page rather than clicking on the link to find out who he was, only to see the nature of the role described in his filmography.

mortimer, some sites bans ISPs wholesale due to trolling etc.
well, to be fair, I was going there to troll
After Gun's Chinese Democracy and Duke Nuken Forever releases I believe Cabin will premiere before the end of the (Maia) world.
If it *is* released in 2012, that'll be quite a year for movies: Cabin, The Avengers, AND The Dark Knight Rises. (squee)

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