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June 30 2011

A list of 10 new shows to look for includes several projects by Whedon alum. 'Ringer' with Sarah Michelle Gellar, 'Free Agents' with Anthony Stewart Head and 'A Gifted Man' with Julie Benz are all included.

And isn't Tim Minear also involved in 'Awake'?
Ah. Thought I read something along those lines here.

A quick google search learns that he was attached to the project for a short time and that there was indeed a Whedonesque thread, "NBC picks up shows involving Whedon alums" were the header said: "Tim Minear is a Consulting Producer on "Awake". But now he's not anymore.
I was watching some current shows that follow a Buffy theme with Whedonesque alum writing directing whatever. I wondered why these same creators didn't shine as much as they did on Buffy/Angel/Firefly. Then the promo for the new SMG starrer came up. It hit me. SMG and the other Whedonesque talent have real star quality. Not that the actors on these other shows aren't very, very good- they are. But when SMG, David B or James Marsters (to name a few) come on you can't help but watch them. You can be the best writer/director/producer but without actors who can sell a story and their character- forget about it.

Which is to say, also, that the Mighty Joss has an eye for talent and casting. With only one or two exceptions, the other shows don't have stars that shine as bright.

If SMG had gotten started in the 1930's, Irving Thalberg would have made her a star at MGM. Not that I'm a fan or anything. But I am. Of SMG and old MGM movies.
Tim Minear is now a writer/producer on FX's "An American Horror Story." Other newly-TV-employed Whedonesque folks include are Gina Torres on "Suits" and Marc Blucas on "Necessary Roughness" (both on now) and Alan Tudyk in "Suburgatory," plus doing a voice for an animated series.
Pretty curious as to how they transfer 'Free Agents'. With much less swearing would be my first guess ;).
Let's be real here... SMG, DB, and to a smaller extent, JM aren't that fine of actors.

Curious about that ASH show.
P.S. Tim Minear *was* on "Awake" for a little while, which is show-run by "Buffy" alum/old Tim Minear friend Howard Gordon. Minear just moved over to "American Horror Story."
The idea of a storybook world and the real world interacting sounds like a recipe for possible disaster,

I didn't read it, but wasn't Fables a very prized comic with the same plot?
Once Upon a Time is like Fables the same way Star Trek is Firefly. Not at all the same plot. Just some shared cultural touchpoints. And I quite enjoyed the pilot to Once Upon a Time. Really interested to see where it goes. Great cast.
RazorBlade Spikecam21; Judgement calls, really, but star quality doesn't require exceptional acting talent (look at Rock Hudson) and many brilliant actors don't blast off the screen like real stars.

Looks like Ringer will be showing those gorgeous gunboats more than BtVS did, which is helpful.
I'll be sure to keep reminding myself that SMG's not that fine of an actress every time I watch The Body. Or, you know, all of BtVS.

Maybe if I come up with a catchy chant, the words will belie what mine eyes doth see.
I think SMG is an excellent actress who has made some odd choices about film roles following "Buffy." I hope "Ringer" is the kind of material that lets her shine with it, instead of making her fight to elevate it.
Again Emmie, you say what I was thinking. I wasn't quite sure how to respond without being kinda mean. SMG is outstanding throughout the series, but if someone can watch The Body and tell me they still think she's not a great actress, then I'll probably just believe they don't really know what acting is. Cause in that episode? She's the very definition of spectacular.
Well, you're clearly biased, and that's ok. I'm not knocking SMG or anyone. She played the part. She did the job. She can cry on a dime. More talent than I have, for sure.

But, there is a reason for the "odd film choices" post-Buffy and it isn't star quality. And I'm not saying that because she isn't in the next Batman movie either.

My point is the writing and direction made the majority of the performances. I thought that was clear?
Sarah wasn't outed as being nicknamed by Joss and others on Buffy as Jimmy Stewart, for nothing. She is quite fine and often far better than the material she acts in (other than playing Buffy).

Of course, I'm very excited to see Ringer, but thrilled to see ASH display his comic side in Free Agents.
@Spikecam21: How am I biased? And how would you know if I am? What do I appear to be biased toward? Short blonde women? Have I overrated them in the past to your knowledge? Anyway...

How was I supposed to read that writing and direction made the majority of the performances from:

"Let's be real here... SMG, DB, and to a smaller extent, JM aren't that fine of actors."

Which is what you wrote. Did you think you added something to that regarding writing and direction?
Because you're clearly upset. It's ok. Everything is alright. Take a breather. I just don't think she is the bee's knees of acting. That isn't saying she is crap. She is just too soap opera-y for my taste with limited range. But she gets the job done with the right people around her.

I thought it was clear that, taking her career as a whole into context, by far her best performances were on Buffy. Now, maybe I'm a tad bias by saying that, but if she was that fine of an actress the world would be certain of it by now considering what seemed to be her goals post-Buffy. If you got it, you got it. And I think Joss gets great performances from good actors. But that isn't saying he hasn't worked with great actors.

Ya know?
I know some truly fantastic actors who have never broken out of indie film or even stage, and I'm sure we can all point to really awful actors who are household names (at least depending on the household). Mainstream success is by no means a measure of talent, or lack thereof, in show business.
I am not saying it is and didn't mean to imply it if I did.

Once Upon a Time is like Fables the same way Star Trek is Firefly.

Hey, Mark Shepard and Ron Glass were in ST Voyager,then, they're connected ;)
Maybe it is my non English capabilities, but looked like way it was phrased (The idea of a storybook world and the real world interacting sounds like a recipe for possible disaster,) was talking about the idea not being good (what could result in good works, as Fables) and not in especific about the show itself (what I have know knowledge of).

I think you need to look up the word bias.

You're reading much more into what I wrote than was there. There was no upset. You can read what I wrote as purely a statement of my opinion with no emotional slant.

At this point, though, you are CLEARLY correct in YOUR opinion, so I will stop wasting everyone's time.

One last thing--thanks for instructing me how to feel and react to this conversation. That's always received well. We obviously disagree on not only SMG's acting, but also how to relate to other people. Have a wonderful life. Cheers.

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Aww, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

SMG is the bestest ever.

No biasedeseses

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Spikecam21, are you intending to be sarcastic as your tone is not coming over at all well in this thread.
My last post was sarcastic, yes.

I didn't know criticizing SMG's acting would hurt anyone's feelings.

^Not sarcasm.
Well kindly lay off the sarcasm as I don't particularly appreciate posters having a go at other posters.
Wait, you STILL think you hurt my feelings? LOL. I don't even know you. And you seem to have reading issues, as I clearly stated I was not upset. Seriously, get over yourself.

I will say thanks for the laughs you've given me. You're a riot.
You don't see the melodramatics in your posts. I do. Last word.
Last word after you are told to stop usually means a time out.

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