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June 30 2011

Buffy memorabilia to be auctioned off at the end of the month. Premiere Prop's Hollywood Auction Extravaganza 2 will feature teleplays from 'Showtime' and 'Get It Done', a blouse worn by Sarah, a jacket worn by Michelle, jeans worn by Charisma and zombie hands!

Bonus points if you can identify which episodes those clothes featured in.

Ooh, Zombie Hands.!
What do people do with clothing once they have it? Display it? Tuck it away in an acid free bag and hang it in a dark closet?
We have a bottle from the Magic Shop, I think it's on display somewhere in the living room.
I bought some clothing and jewelry from Dollhouse that me and my wife actually use, but Echo's shirt from "The Attic" went on our bedrom wall. The living room was a bit too much (besides, it's already full of signed pictures, and the Scythe replica takes some space...).

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I bought the t-shirt and hoodie Sierra wore in the episode "Haunted" for Topher's birthday. I wear it all the time.
I wonder if I'll ever have a memento from Buffy I can afford. I have two from Angel, but the Buffy swag, the swag I want anyway, is way too expensive. :(

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