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July 01 2011

Nathan Fillion comic in today's "Gutters". The webcomic about the comic industry comments on the new graphic novel based on the fictional Rick Castle's novel.

Sad but true (actually I would probably buy it even if my pennies didn't fund more 'Firefly').
That is very very funny. And I'm assuming that the graphic novel is indeed aimed at Firefly Flans, not the little old ladies who love Castle and don't know that he was on anything else. They seem unlikely to read comic books.
I can't figure out if I feel offended by this OR if I simply love that once again Our Captain has made it into a comic...

And yeah I would probably pay for something like that if it meant more Firefly so guess I'm settling on it's funny 'cause it's true...
We all know we'd all buy it if it were true! Love it.
I'm sitting here wishing that a webcomic about a graphic novel based on a ghostwritten book attributed to an imaginary TV character were true, so I could contribute money to a nonexistent project. Apparently Firefly has become a third religion for me.
What were the first two?

And is there a fourth?
ManEnoughToAdmitIt Well, I can't speak for janef, but for me there's the Great Church of Joss. And of course I'm a founding member of the W.ASH Sisterhood - Worshippers of Anthony Stewart Head. So Into the Black would be my third religion.
Gutters has shown so much Joss and Whedonverse love. Crazy good stuff.
Progressive Judaism and traditional Craft (Wicca). Firefly's demands are minimal; not enough hours in the day for a fourth.

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