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July 01 2011

The Avengers to be filmed in the Pittsburgh area. Though it will just be secondary filming and the actors will not be there.

Yaaaaay, Pittsburgh! Avengers is gonna kick ass!!
What isn't being filmed here? LOL!
I think "The Dark Knight Rises" being filmed there is a much bigger deal, but then there's this whole Marvel / DC rivalry and all and it'd be funny to see Batman and one of the Avengers cross paths and say 'hey cool outfit' to one another.
How exciting! As a proud Pittsburgh native I can't think of many other places that have such a strong sense of character that translates quite so well to the silver screen. The city can definitely benefit from the business perks of it as well...
The Batman folks have been here for a while, and are actually in Pittsburgh, filming downtown and all around the place. Butler, though not far, is another town, in a different county about an hour away. It's small town/rural, vs. a city backdrop.
Yeah, I had been hoping for this! Even if it is in Butler and secondary, still cool!
So... not London then?
Agreed, toast. When I read Butler I was thinking a rural setting, not big city. Too bad I moved from the area last summer or I would be all over this.

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