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July 03 2011

Dollhouse: Who are the Butchers? Dark Horse continues the teasers for the upcoming Epitaphs mini-series.

I was so sure this would be posted on Wednesday that I never bothered to check if it actually had been.
IVY! I'm glad we get more Ivy, there never was enough of her on the show and now we have loads of her!
I feel kind of bad for the actress, because Ivy wasn't utilized enough in the show, and now she is a star in the comics. I am really loving these comics, there is so much fun new stuff/story.
We haven't actually seen Ivy Actual in the comic anyway. Just people with Ivy imprints.
That is true b!X, I thought the real Ivy was with Alpha in the preview pages included in The Guild Bladezz comic, but they are both Ivy imprints.
I hope they release a TPB of this series. I like the durability of the TPBs rather than comics and really want to read them!
I must ask, is there a beta?
The naming scheme would dictate there's a Bravo, not a Beta.
And a Charlie not a Gamma, a Mike not a Mu. If there were a Mike that is.
There was a Mike in "Needs". He was the doll who thought they'd been abducted by aliens.
I'm sorry we never met Tango and Foxtrot. Those must have been the Dolls who got sent out on all the assignments that required dancing :)
We did meet Tango and Foxtrot.
Now I have a stupid/funny Dollhouse scene in my head. Since it's this thread's fault, I will just put it here.

Topher has fallen asleep at his workbench. Whatever he's been working on is stuck in a "Save changes? dialogue box on his main display terminal. DR. SAUNDERS enters quietly, followed by TANGO and FOXTROT. The latter two are armed.


TOPHER jolts awake, confused, blurry. He looks around. He is puzzled by the Dollhouse doctor and two armed dolls standing over him.

(half under his breath) What The Frak?

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Sierra, Foxtrot and Alpha could do it too but i'd imagine nothing much would happen.

There was a Mike in "Needs". He was the doll who thought they'd been abducted by aliens.

Totally forgot him. Someone on the internet should do a a list.

ETF link

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