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July 04 2011

(SPOILER) TVLine gives first impression of SMG's Ringer. Matt Webb Mitovich has seen the Ringer pilot and mentions what he likes and dislikes (mostly likes!). There are spoilers.

Love that promo. It's more like a movie trailer than an ad for a TV show.
I've seen the pilot also and have quite a differing opinion. I agree it's a wonderful trailer, and I was hoping for an adult, complex thriller. Sadly, that was not the resulting product.

I'm really hoping they do some touch ups in post production. The editing was clunky, and the green screen scene when Sarah is playing both sisters on the boat has her fumbling around in anticipation of where she'll be when she re-shoots the scene as the other sister. And then she jumps into the "ocean" which looks extremely synthetic.

I really wanted to like it because of SMG, but my overall reception to the pilot was awkward. The plots were somewhat convoluted. Sarah was wonderful in both roles, and if the series were focused more solely on her character(s) maybe it wouldn't have been so jarring, but the ensemble while played by mostly competent actors didn't have much to work with. (Ioan Groffudd's excluded--he really hit the mark on his role.)

I'm really hoping the writers and creative crew work out the kinks and build on its potential because it could be a good series. It just needs higher production values, clearer character motives, and a little emotion.

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marvelknight616, I thought the early screener version of the pilot (which is likely to include many reshoots before it airs in September) seemed like a shortened version of a 2 hour pilot. I think it has lots of promise and I can't wait to see the final version of the pilot and the next few eps.
I want to like it. Guess I better give it a watch and see at this point.

Open minds, please!
very excited for this show!!
Agreed 100% with marvelknight616. I'm assuming the effects will be improved, but the story and characters both are really weak. SMG is great, though like mk616 said, the green screen stuff is really awkward. And that boat looks like something you'd see on Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Anyway, not a fan of this one. I hope it improves, for SMG's sake. She did a great job with the material. But... the material...
I can't really comment on the quality of the show, not having seen any of it, but I'm struggling to get beyond the concept. It just seems so much like a story in a bad soap opera. It's the kind of thing I imagine Twin Peaks would have parodied.

Perhaps they can pull it off; I have no doubt that SMG will add quality to the proceedings, it's just everything else I'm worried about.
Well, lets at least give it a chance.
I will never understand stressing out about what could possibly go wrong with a TV show. Seriously? These are things to actually worry about?
I am actually really looking forward to the show. No show is perfect in its first episodes, sometimes even the first season. It takes a while for it to find its place. I'm thinking this show will be successful (at least ratings-wise) because of SMG's fan base and the amount of hype the CW is putting into it (placing it on Tuesdays and not Fridays, Comic-Con, etc). If some shows can stay on with 1.5 million viewers an episode, I don't really see it not succeeding. SMG is also executive producer so here's hoping she'll turn the show around if it ends up not getting the critical acclaim it deserves.
I will never understand stressing out about what could possibly go wrong with a TV show. Seriously? These are things to actually worry about?

Because Whedonesque is notorious for its casual, laissez-faire approach to entertainment media.
Really? I wouldn't say that. Laissez-faire, is that even a word we invented yet? Must check my dogeared dictionary.

Blood pressure, a thousand and one, a thousand and two......
Matt, lol.

I am looking forward to this; SMG is an actor who takes her craft seriously, so I think this will resonate more than it may seem at first blush.
I'm happy for all the positive reactions from the media! Can't wait for the comic-con vids and reports and September!
Guys, I read the script for this and I'm sorry but all this commentary on the characters etc. is completely unfounded. I have confidence in this series.
I feel like I just watched the pilot.
I'm really looking forward to this series.
Hey, was that the guy from Lost with the natural eyeliner?

(Also I swear there was a split second in which I went, whoa! It's Buffy and Willow, hanging out again!)

Looks good. I probably won't watch, but it's nice knowing that SMG can still take a difficult role (or two) and own it.

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