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July 05 2011

(SPOILER) Torchwood: Miracle Day teasers! Two small Torchwood: Miracle Day teasers, Dichen Lachman can be seen briefly in the first one.

Which version will people be watching? The sexier one or the longer one?
Huh, Simon?
Starz will be showing a more sexually explicit version of Miracle Day and the BBC will be airing episodes which will have extra or longer scenes. Or so I read.
The one where Jack shot first.
I hadn't heard about the different versions. I wonder if the eventual Blu-ray set will have versions that just have all the footage?
Good to know, Simon. Because if there's one thing Starz needs, it's more sex.
In what universe does it make sense to broadcast different versions of the same show running concurrently? Seriously, what kind of sense does that make?
Wow, if so that's an exciting new low. I suspect it'll all be on the BDs/DVDs when they roll around. Wonder if it'll be longer AND sexier ;) Like there's a master cut that's say 5 minutes longer -with both sexy and MIA scenes- than the normal runtime and depending on where you watch you either get/miss out on 5 minutes of sex or deleted scenes.

P.S. - to be fair, the US versions of UK shows that make it to air here without a remake to remove awesome accents (they cost extra!) usually come in with shorter runtimes.
Oh, that. The differences are very much minor. But I'm sure it will blow up into a massive, factless argument online somewhere.

TORCHWOOD is a Starz production for America - they paid 25m for the production as a result. As I understand it, the Beeb wanted something slightly different in places. From memory, BBC One and BBC America used to air different versions of both Doctor Who and Torchwood in the past.
Right in one, DW/TW are two of the ones I was referring to above.
BBC America first showings are the same length as BBC1 though for DW they add Amy's explanation of the Doctor .
They are now, they didn't use to be (I think).
If they are now the same length (and I believe they didn't used to be), I would bet on it being Julie Gardner's fault (yay!).
It wasn't always shown by BBC America .
Right, it used to be SyFy (then more gramamtically correctly Sci-Fi, who missed out for a while) and before that our beloved loval PBS affiliates.
gossi - I'm just blaming JG because she moved to BBC Worldwide America. It may have nothing to do with her, but she doesn't get enough credit, so :).
Okay, so which version should I be watching? Will I miss out on plot-related stuff if I watch the American version? Or will it be watered down if I watch the BBC version?
It'd be nice if Starz maybe will put the other bits online as "web exclusive extra scenes".
deepgirl187, we are talking about 2-3 minutes difference between the 2 versions. No plot points will be missed. Maybe a little less sex in the BBC version and maybe a few less longing looks in the Starz version. Why don't you watch the version you are legally allowed to? Starz in the US and BBC in the UK.
More annoying is the lag in broadcast, even though it's for perfectly understandable, sensible reasons it still rankles a bit that a UK show (well, originally, we'll see how much UK remains in 'Miracle Day') that only exists because of licence fee money should air nearly a week earlier in the US.

(as I say, I get the reasons though - Saturday and Sunday nights aren't primetime, it's an adult show so needs to go on post watershed which leaves Monday to Friday at either 9 pm or 10:35 pm, after the news, so they're a bit restricted. 'Luther' finished this week though, why not put it in that Tuesday 9pm slot ?)

Everything looks good though, hopefully it's 'Children of Earth'++ (i.e. awesome^2).
I watched the Starz online version of the first episode via Comcast Xfinity (and WHO KNOWS what version that was). Anyway, spotted Robin Sachs/Ethan Rayne for a couple seconds, speaking on made-up station WRKW. Good to see him!

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