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July 05 2011

Two characters from Buffy make EW's list of hot teachers. Alyson Hannigan's How I Met Your Mother alter ego also makes the cut.

Two characters, but not the hottest actual teacher, amusingly enough.
My thought exactly!
I wouldn't call them teachers either.
Yeah, I was surprised to see Buffy herself listed there. I guess it should be a list of hottest "faculty members".
I teach. Was I on the list?

I didn't see you :)
I was hoping for Jenny Calendar. :/
If it were hottest faculty members, they would have no choice but to include Snyder, obvs.
They had to pick the picture of her with the coffee stain on her shirt? They couldn't have picked any other picture from Season Seven? Like an earlier shot from that episode:

Or later:

And this would have been a much better shot to use of Rupert:


Ya know, instead of an old stock publicity picture.
No Flutie love ?

And clearly there's the name-forgotten-too-lazy-to-google biology teacher/preying mantis lady that Xander falls for (aside from Jenny Calendar I mean, crazy obvious oversight that her non-onthereness is).
Saje You mean Miss French, Natalie?

Glad they didn't list Maggie Walsh. That woman was just far too cold to be considered even attractive. (Nothing against Lindsay Crouse, herself.)

Since they counted Buffy & Giles, neither of whom were technically teachers (Although Giles was supposed to teach the Slayer) they could've included Riley, who at least was a teaching assistant.

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