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July 05 2011

Charisma Carpenter to guest star on USA's Burn Notice. She'll appear on the 11th episode of the current season slated for broadcast in September.

I really enjoyed the first few seasons of BN, I will have to catch up.
Oh fun! This will be really fun to see Charisma on another of my favorite shows!
What with so many genre guest actors on this show.
BSG,SG,whedonites & etc.
Who is the casting director?
Maybe it's more like an availability thing, as in, our favorite actors are out of work. *sniffle*
Awesome! I recently fell in love with Burn Notice, and I haven't seen Charisma in anything since Veronica Mars.

It seems like shows like Burn Notice and Leverage have a cult following similar to a lot of genre shows. These shows are like Angel without the demons, complete with a quirky, lovable team. Maybe that's what attracts genre actors. And then some of the casting directors other credits include genre shows like Moonlight, Drive, Nikita, & V.

On a side note, in an interview with Deadline, Matt Nix (the creator of Burn Notice) was asked to talk about how a lot of showrunners are now interacting directly with there fans online and he responded with:

"All of us owe a lot to granddaddy Joss Whedon [Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dollhouse], who was out there on that."
Well Matt Nix only needs to look at Bruce Campbell (the 2nd banana on Burn Notice and on Xena) for a cult hero who knows how to stay in touch with his fans (Burn Notice will not be represented at Comic Con, but Bruce will be there). They've hired a lot of genre actors, but I thought a lot of that was because of Bruce Campbell.
I'm sure that's something to do with it too. I know Bruce at least got Lucy Lawless to guest star, not sure about anyone else.

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