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"Yeah, what'd she do? Bone a thricewise?"
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July 05 2011

Knights of Badassdom (w/ Summer Glau) at Comic-Con. Film trailer and panel discussion in Hall H on Saturday, July 23. In the film, LARPers accidentally summon a real succubus.

While we're at it, here is this year's list (still in progress) of WHEDONesque-type events at SDCC.
Great way to promote the movie and the cast. Not sure what part plays Summer Glau in it though.
"The Cape" is released on DVD, btw.
Source : Summer Glau Wiki
Ah, "The Cape". They should do some webisodes just so we can have more episodes end with

I wonder if maybe she's the real succubus?
I'm afraid it will never happen ;)
We can stay in touch so that i will lend you my DVD's as soon as i get them by mail.
But don't worry, a little birdie told me that Summer Glau will guest star on a new scifi show very soon (already in the box).

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Wait, didn't The Cape gone for 6 seasons and a movie? ;)

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