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July 06 2011

Once More With Feeling songbook signed by Sarah Michelle Gellar now on eBay. CSTS Vancouver is auctioning off a rare, even unique, item on ebay but it is up for only 1 week. SMG doesn't sign much so this is sure to be popular. Proceeds from this sale will go in to the CSTS Vancouver totals for Equality Now, and BC Women's Hospital & Health Centre Foundation.

Hooray for lots of bidding so far.
Thanks, everyone. Keep it up - it's all for charity. :)
Good for CSTS Vancouver but *sighs* it's already well beyond my reach. This is just the kind of thing you'd want to take to Comic-Con in two weeks and get signed by other, less hard-to-pin-down cast members.
Isn't SMG the only BtVS cast member at Comic-Con ?
I think there's a Bones panel?
Is Merlin coming over? Will David Fury be coming with the Triumphant Renewal Fringe panel? Who knows who'll show up! Someone should pay a lot of money for it and bring it just in case. ;)

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