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July 06 2011

First image from The Cabin in the Woods. Bloody Disgusting brings the first image from the horror film by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard. UPDATE: An actor from the film tweeted this poster today.

They did make it! I was beginning to think it was all a dream.
The photo makes me giddy, however it is frustrating that Lionsgate have yet to announce the release date.
It seems to involve some type of "cabin"...
If you release a still you must release the movie. State law, right?
Half of me is excited. The other half is annoyed to be reminded we still don't know Lionsgate's plans.
I think I can tell who's gonna die just from the picture. The blonde has short shorts with the pockets hanging below the hem line-- she's a goner. The redhead must live because one female must live. Also, the look on her face is more genuinely scared and disturbed, which means she's the one the audience is supposed to be identifying with.
I dunno. It doesn't have to be a "cabin." The evidence seems inconclusive to me. It could be a "lodge." Seems fishy to me, maybe even a herring? BUT, the picture does show that some furniture! is appearing in the film. (I'm not sure that we had that info before. Spoiler alert?) Oh, and it also shows Fran Kranz. ;-) So, he's apparently really in the movie. Unless... the movie isn't real either and that "still" was all that was shot. I think we should wait and see whether that "cabin" actually and unequivocally manifests.
So, at this point, we've seen the front of the cabin (on the website), part of the basement (in a video Joss did for CSTS a couple years ago), and now the living room.
Or it could be in the Dollhouse, I spotted one Rossum staff member in the pic.
And look! - I re-released in stunning after-the-fact 3D. Ain't it grand? ; >

Like Simon, I'd been starting to think it was all a dream... but if it is a dream, at least there's a record of it.

(I think it's a dacha and should be re-named Dacha in the Woods.)
Just waiting for confirmation on their being a moose head wall mount...
I just happen to have a set of 3D glasses at work (What? Doesn't everyone?) and I tried to look at Quoter Gal's new version and discovered that there are really 8 people in the room, all of them fuzzy and fairly indistinct. Ghosts manifesting in the Lodge?
With the curtains drawn, can we be sure this is in the woods?
If it is a dream, then we are all having the same dream and I'm thinking we shouldn't have used those free gift certificates for that day spa they were handing out on the street.

"Dacha in the Wilderness"?

"Log Home in the Undeveloped Land"?

"Exploitative Tree Murdering Structure Intruding in the Life Giving Lungs of Mother Earth"?
Wow, they all look so young!
I believe the delays are due to recasting the cabin with a yurt.
I don't know if I can go see this movie, Chris has way too much clothing on. ;)
Maybe, just maybe, the film is our expectations of the film... and the horror is never being able to watch it.

They said it was high concept.
These comments are better than the picture.
With the curtains drawn, can we be sure this is in the woods?

How do we know unless we question it?

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I hope they aren't leaking it onto the internet one frame at a time. I do begin to wonder though.
I hope they aren't leaking it onto the internet one frame at a time.

*deep important voice*: "Cabin in the Woods" Now coming to you exclusively in 3D View Master. Collect all 172,800 frames!"
Um. Brian White, who is in the movie, tweeted this poster. I have no idea where he got it.
That's a very confusing poster, as it has Joss' name on it, but then has "from the writer of" copy referring to Drew, who is not named.
MrArg, I am annoyed that you stole my yurt joke. Or maybe I love you. Still deciding which.
cabri, I'm hoping that pic is from early on and Chris loses some clothing as the movie goes on. ;)

edited because I kant spel.

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That is a very confusing poster. It's not one of yours, is it b!X?
No. An actor from the movie tweeted it. As far as I can tell that's the first place it surfaced. It's all very weird.
Is that poster the first officialish confirmation of a October 2011 release? It's nice to see some the familiar names on it, anyway, like Lisa Lassek. "A Mutant Enemy production." Whoot!
I think it's worth starting a new thread about this, so I'll post one very soon.
Muwahahaha... Hey, do you all hear ... howling outside??
Looks like I took a break from work at a good time. When I looked at the poster, I thought "the Whore" was Amy Acker, and thought "hey!" But I was wrong.

This thread is one of the better things I've read all month. ;)
mnspnr, they obviously figured out there was more mystery in the title "Yurt In The Woods." And by mystery I mean everybody asking "what the f*@& were they thinking?"
And the poster SPOILER for those too busy/lazy to read the new thread: It's not real.
Silly! None of this is real...
QuoterGal and BreathesStory, gotta plan ahead for the sequels
(even though the movie still isn't out yet).

Shack in the Bush: Cabin in the Woods II
Chantey in the Copse: Revenge of the Fallen
Cabana in the Coppice and the Chamber of Secrets
Small Shoebox in the Middle of the Road

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