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July 06 2011

Which geek-tastic 2012 film are you most excited for? Vote for The Avengers in this EW poll!

I'm actually more excited about Hunger Games, but I voted for Avengers anyway because Joss is Boss!
I voted Avengers but I'll admit I'm equally looking forward to The Dark Knight Rises.
The Avengers only ranks about fourth on that list for me.

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I imagine it will continue to track about 3rd behind The Hobbit and TDKR. For me it's easily Number 1, with Batsy coming in second.
Sorry Joss, but I had to go with Hunger Games. Avengers is right behind that though.
Oooh Bond or the Avengers, I went with the Avengers.
Appears you can vote multiple times if anyone's in a deck-stacking mood.
Has to be 'The Dark Knight Rises' for me but 'The Avengers' is very probably second (unless it's Bond 23).

(hadn't even heard of 'The Hunger Games' but Jennifer Lawrence's involvement - among others - has me intrigued)
Dark Knight.
Dark Knight.

Yep - same here.
That was actually slightly harder than I thought it would be. For a half a second.

1) Avengers

A hugely distant second is The Dark Knight Rises (which I am still dying to see. I just love Joss with all my heart, so Avengers wins). Followed by The Hobbit and then the Superman and Spider-Man movies.

I have to agree with Saje, though, Jennifer Lawrence's casting in The Hunger Games has me more interested than all my friends telling me how great the books are. Though that does help.
WTF? Not a close call. Avengers is #1. Period. I brook no disagreement or ambivalence on this point.

All levity aside, I still don't get how people on this site are so ho-hum about Joss's biggest project EVER. We should be having long, drawn out threads obssessing over every little aspect of this project. Instead, we have crickets chirping at every Avengers post and Whedonesquers already ranking it lower than the third batman and the fourth LOTR movie.

I realize this is a matter of subjective preference, but I'm also compelled to point out that my subjective preference is clearly correct.
With you Squishy. It makes me wonder if those other people are also posting on Batman (I'm sure Christopher Nolan has a site, yes?) message boards? ;)

The only thing I can think of is the subject matter. For some, Batman, or whatever other movie they're more interested in, is a bigger draw than The Avengers themselves are. So that would sway their decisions.
For myself it's just how I feel, what's the point in saying "Oh it's totally 'The Avengers'" when it's not ? Not being a particular fan of the characters 'The Avengers' would barely rank for me at all if Joss wasn't involved, it'd be Just Another Superhero Movie. Been a Batman fan on the other hand for decades, since long before I (or the world at large) knew Joss Whedon existed (in fact, depending on when he changed his name, maybe since before Joss Whedon existed full stop). Bond too for that matter (and both Bond and Batman are - probably - finishing out trilogies the previous installments of which have been pretty excellent, which adds to the anticipation). Funnily enough, as a massive fan-boy himself i'm pretty sure Joss wouldn't think twice about people liking other stuff too (or even more in some cases).

As to the *crickets*, personally I prefer to see films unspoiled and if you avoid spoilers what else is there to say about a film that's a year away from release ? There's the simple practical point that anticipation builds as you start to find out bits and pieces about something, see trailers etc. Right now re: 'The Avengers' I know that I think it'll be really good and i'm really looking forward to it (albeit a bit less than 2 or 3 other films). And... errm, New Mexico, that's pretty hot in the summer right ? ;)
Well said. I was just joshin'. I get it. Maybe I didn't articulate that particularly well in my previous post.

I also completely love Batman more than anyone in The Avengers, so I understand. That said, I happen to look forward to anything Joss does more than anything else. Just the way it is. No matter the subject.

And yeah, I don't pop in the Avengers threads for the same reason. Spoilers and I disagree. Vehemently. Like cars and Buffy... and like other... unmixy things.
As I say, I can't argue with a preference. But I'm gonna go ahead and do it anyway in this and future posts.

Also, while I respect your current anticipatory preference, I predict that you will change your mind when you see these films. No one is better suited than Joss to assemble this team of flawed, mismatched superheroes, and to make us love them.
So you're saying after i've actually seen them all i'll anticipate seeing 'The Avengers' more than the others ? I think I may have spotted a flaw in that reasoning ;).
Yes, because you'll want to see it again more than the other movies.
Absolutely agree, no-one is better suited than Joss. I can feel that way and still be looking forward to the other films more, those positions are entirely compatible.

As to which will end up being my personal preference, of course you may be right, we'll see. If 'Dark Knight Rises' is as good as I hope and I end up still preferring 'The Avengers' then fantastic, i'll have seen at least two great films in 2012 (and i'll still have Bond 23 to look forward to). Made of win ;).
If it were a Joss original such as Serenity 2 or BTVS The Movie, it would jump to the top of my list without hesitation. As it is, I simply like the Hobbit (even moreso than LOTR) and I consider Batman:TDK significantly better than any other comic book movie ever made. Avengers just cannot stand against those two in my mind.

That said, Joss' work on Astonishing X-Men was exceptional and I expect Avengers to be a very good movie.

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