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July 06 2011

(SPOILER) Preview of Angel & Faith #1. Brought to you by USA Today. It contains the previously released Page 7, and the pages before and after it.

Excellent. Anyone else notice that A&F is getting a bigger push than BTVS? Guess it's cos it's the new title....
Looking forward to this! I wonder if I'll enjoy this series more than Season 9. Probably not, but it will be interesting to see them compete for "favourite" status!
Looking forward to this a lot too.I'm actually looking forward to this more than Buffy's book.
Art looks great! Story looks interesting-hope they can really justify the Twilight story in this series.Really earn it.
I almost secretly hope the Twilight thing can be forgiven without the epic amounts of explanation and humiliation it would take to satisfy some readers. All recent dickishness aside, the characters getting on with their lives and/or vampyric unlives have always been at the heart of the storytelling. Letís forgive and forget and move on.

Or what am I saying? I want four issues of nothing but justifying and hilarious groveling on Angelsí part, minimum.

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This feels like classic, mid-run Angel. Early season three-ish but with a twist. I like.
I don't think A&F is being pushed more than Buffy's S9 - it's just beginning two weeks earlier, so we get all the promo stuff proportionately earlier, too.

Or not. Maybe they think it needs more marketing, since it doesn't have all the main characters that Buffy does to provide the draw.

Personally I definitely have higher hopes and greater excitement for A&F, and I know I'm not the only one. I'm just thrilled by all the creative power going into it.
Dark Horse is celebrating the return of Angel, I think. But as we get closer to the fall, I think we'll see a big push to promote Buffy Season 9 to combat DC's big September "relaunch".
Brierly, what's the DC relaunch?
In September,following their current Flashpoint event,DC Comics is relaunching all their titles with new issue #1's(including Action Comics,the longest running comic book series which just celebrated it's 900th issue in May,Detective Comics,Superman and Batman) and are doing a soft universe wide reboot to continuity.

There will be 52 new issues #1's released in September.

Characters will be younger now and in some cases completely restarted like Superman.Superman will be younger with a updated costume(no more red underoos on the outside) and no longer married to Lois.Superman will also be the first superhero and the first superteam will be the Justice League.So The Justice Society as the first heroes is being removed from continuity it seems.

Barbara Gordon is returing as Batgirl and regaining the use of her legs.

Other characters like Batman and Green Lantern will be continuing on with no majore changes or start over to their continuity(although their books are starting over like all DC titles in September)

DC Comics is also going day and date with digital publishing starting in September meaning you'll be able to buy and read the new issues online the same day they are released in comic stores.

The DC relaunch begins on August 31 with the release of Flashpoint #5 of 5 and Justice League #1 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee.

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So DC is essentially pulling an Ultimate Marvel, but as the main continuity...?

Also, did that demon call Faith a cow? That's excellent. Wonder if we're getting some sort of Pylean connection there.
Am I the only one who's rather pissed that Barbara Gordon is basically being yanked up out of her chair? It kind of made her iconic and important on a social-scope level. It's rather irksome and depressing to see that go.
Nope, you're not the only one. Aside from any social considerations (which I agree matter BTW), I just like Oracle as a character and will miss her. At least Batwoman's still gay I guess.

In general, i'm ranging from a bit dubious to profoundly sceptical about the DC reboot, depending on the last thing I read about it, what the weather's like etc. It's got the potential to be something amazing and for a large multi-national is incredibly brave (though there's also the point that DC are currently screwed anyway so have to do something) but it could also end up being basically a big marketing gimmick while simultaneously destroying the soul of the DCU - I get that the weight of 70+ years of continuity makes storytelling harder but at the same time, lose too much weight and your substance goes with it. Haveta admit also, I feel a bit more generous towards it cos they don't seem to be screwing too much with Batman or with Grant Morrison's flawed but epic, ambitious 5-6 year run. We'll see ultimately but it's got potential disaster/sheepish take-back written all over it IMO.

Angel/Faith looks pretty decent, not sure if i'll be adding it to the dwindling pile of singles i'm still getting but i'll check out the first couple at least.

ETF typo. And swear to get a new keyboard with 'U', 'I' and 'O' letters still on there.

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I think Buffy Season 9 (and probably Angel and Faith) will sell better than more than half of the new DC books, to be honest. Not looking forward to the relaunch.

Also, regarding Superman, DC confirmed only Justice League and Action Comics take place in the past, which means the Superman book by George Perez takes place in the present, hopefully with the marriage intact. If they mess with the Clois marriage, I'll be pissed. I don't read Marvel anymore because they wiped out Peter and MJ's marriage.

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