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July 06 2011

(SPOILER) Jane Espenson talks about Torchwood: Miracle Day. Jane compares Torchwood to Buffy. (There are lots of spoilers for the upcoming Torchwood season.)

Espenson says that balance of real fun and real stakes is what makes Torchwood unique. "It has that same thing I adored about Buffy, the light-heartedness, that sense that sci-fi doesn't have to mean the turgid space opera sort of thing, which everyone thinks sci-fi is even though it almost never is that," she says. "Sci-fi doesn't have to be grim. There's humor in Torchwood even though the stakes are sky-high."

Looking forward to the new season. Can't believe it's been two years since Children of Earth!
It's not that I'm not interested; I just don't want to read a spoiler-filled article, despite the draw of its Janeity.

So there ya go - an empty comment. You're welcome.
"Sci-fi doesn't have to be grim."

I wish Jane and the other writers had incorporated more of that philosophy into Caprica.
So there ya go - an empty comment. You're welcome.

Pfft. Amateur ;).

(feel the same QG, these are the sorts of things I always think "I'll come back to this once i've watched X" then by the time X finishes i've totally forgotten the interview ever existed. Stupid brain)

ETA: Oh and agreed about the turgid/grimness thing but at the same time, i'm not sure that's really a particularly relevant criticism these days. Almost all sci-fi has some humour in it now and even going back as far as the 90s you've stuff like 'Farscape' which was downright wacky at times.

[ edited by Saje on 2011-07-07 12:20 ]

The article is *not* spoiler-filled. If you've heard anything about the new season over the past few months, nothing new is revealed.
As for Jane's comment about the grimness of sci-fi...ummmmmm, I guess she missed the last episode of Children of Earth!
Ah, Brierly, I really haven't heard about it, other than the cast & location, because I've been deliberately keeping away from talk - I thought it might be nice to try & watch it without preconceptions, if possible.

So yeah, sounds spoilericious by my definition...

(See, Saje, how I can keep talking about a thing, and still not read the article? Surely that must be at least Semi-Pro Empty?)
If I may chime in on this one... QuoterGal, nope. In comparison to any sports related interviewee, you are strictly in the amateurs. And do I have to even mention the politicians? Pfff. I've seen too many of your previous content-filled postings; I think your emptiness was a merely one-hit wonder. Keep working on that lack of contributable content though; hey, everyone needs a goal. ;-)
You're definitely a stayer QG, I think you may well be an empty comment up and comer, one to watch ;).

(and I see you have mastered the way of the darkened smiley, a noble school. My empty-fu, the way of the Lazy Git, involves just leaving an open HTML tag which, thinking about it, may not be good for the board... what does <self-destruct> actually do anyway ?)

...I guess she missed the last episode of Children of Earth!

The hilarious last episode of Children of Earth you mean ! Wait, which cut did most people see ?
The one where a lot of people wondered if Jack can be possibly be redeemed after what he did.
With or without the tap-dancing orchestral number ?

(can he be redeemed ? Sure. Can he forgive himself ? Not so sure. What he did was horrific but he did it for the right reasons, made the tough call. Knowing someone can do that at all may make you look at them differently but it doesn't make them bad, just sullied. And I wonder - but really doubt - whether they'll make any mention, even obliquely, of Ten coming to visit him as part of his reward to himself, that struck me as him saying "You still deserve good things to happen to you, I don't see you as evil" as well as the implicit message whenever The Doctor turns up of "This too shall pass" both of which would've been pretty important for Jack to hear at that point)

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