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July 06 2011

A brand new The Cabin in the Woods poster? Actor Brian White tweeted the pic earlier. Though it's interesting that Fran's image is strikingly similar, in the sense that it's identical, to a Dollhouse promo pic. Update: it's fan made.


I'll try to post something more rattional later, but eek.
:D Yayyyy! That poster is sweet!
I'm still very confused. As far as I can tell, White's tweet is the first place this surfaced.
In the absence of any real plot or character information, even an ironically intentioned reference to virgin/whore dichotomy does not inspire confidence in whoever is making the marketing decisions here.
I think you're on very dodgy ground if you put "the whore" on the poster.
Saying that, I think Fran's pic is taken from a Dollhouse promo pic.
Gah, thank you. It was driving me crazy, thinking I'd seen that shot somewhere before.
Did anyone ask White where the poster came from?
I @mentioned him wondering, but didn't directly ask.
Its fan made. You can see the original one here
'The Whore' refers to the horror movie cliche right (she usually dies early, with 'The Virgin' often being the Final Girl) ? It does jar slightly though*, considering the other cliche names are quite formal ('The Athlete' rather than 'The Jock', 'The Scholar' rather than 'The Brain' or 'The Nerd' etc.) so presumably it is meant to highlight the virgin (AKA madonna)/whore thing.

Quite a nice poster apart from that though.

* which is explained by it being fan-made. Stand down the missiles !

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I just found the Jesse Williams image from Jet magazine.

Thanks, vvalent2
I was just about to ask if this was fanmade or not as I realized that Chris has long hair in the poster, but he didn't in the promo photo.
Its being fanmade makes me feel better. It jars for reasons that have nothing to do with how formal it is or isn't.
Perhaps my explanation wasn't sufficiently clear. The other terms are more formal than their widely recognised cliche labels whereas 'whore' is the widely recognised term which is why it jars in comparison. That jarring is so obvious it's a reason to assume it was deliberate i.e. is referring to the virgin/whore (false) dichotomy.
Yep. Total turn off. Plus... ick. I'm glad it's not an official one.
I wanted to say that it's not unusual when the marketing department uses some available photos of the actors (usually just their heads) and photoshops them to a poster for a particular movie (often because the actors don't have time to do a separate photoshoot) and since Cabin was for so long on hold and by now all the actors are doing other stuff, they might have had to improvise a little with the promo stuff, using all the material at hand, so the poster could still be legit, but before I posted it, the poster was already proven fake, so nevermind...
Yeah, the original 'SERENITY' onesheet (the one with the floaty heads)reused artwork for the floaties.

Anyhoo, the 'whore' thing was irksome, but I actually liked the branding effort. From what I can gather MGM/Lionsgate have bumped it to sometime in 2012.
I'm still not convinced of that.
Hmm, Bond 23 may just have been bumped to 3rd/4th most anticipated in that case.

Just noticed it says "Joss Whedon's The Cabin in the Woods" BTW which is kind of lie-esque given Drew directed and co-wrote it (yet no-one mentioned it in 20 ish comments, it's possible we're internally sloshing in Kool Aid ;).
To fair, a lot of the media focusses on it being Joss' movie and not Drew's. So I wouldn't be that surprised to see Lionsgate go down that route.
Saje, FWIW I pointed it out in the other thread, because it touts Joss but then has "writer of" copy for Drew without ever mentioning Drew.
Joss has a lot more marketing cache in his name than Drew. Expect it to be used whenever possible. Marketing does not often let silly things like facts get in the way. I see this the same way Spielberg's name is thrown around on stuff he produces yet does not write or direct.
Saje, FWIW I pointed it out in the other thread...

Ah, you did yeah, fair enough, you may be immune to Kool Aid ;).

(i'd avoided that one previously cos 'First image' sounds a lot like 'Nth spoiler' to my ear)
I'm tweeting with Mr. White and he says the date is correct according to his sources. Let's hope he is not misinformed.

eta: his tweet!/actorbrianwhite/status/88726633187516417

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My issue isn't using Joss' name. Of course they are going to use Joss' name, or at least his work. It'd be stupid to not promote it as from the makers of Buffy and Cloverfield. This was just a pretty artless -- unnecessarily so -- way to do it, ad copy-wise.
Lionsgates have put a Jason Statham actioner in the Halloween 2011 date. They don't have a website, official poster or trailer out there, and it's July. Something tells me it's 2012. I'd try and piggy it to The Avengers somehow.

[ edited by gossi on 2011-07-06 22:54 ]
Well he is getting the info third hand so I'm taking it all with a grain of salt and simply hoping he's right. Didn't really feel like arguing with him about it. :)
Maybe it's getting released abroad first.
Regarding the release date and whether it will be october or sometime in 2012 - well, strictly for marketing/financial/commercial and what other reasons, it makes sense to screen the movie after The Avengers (presumably) become a massive hit, thus increasing Joss' and Chris' credit, but I do wish they would release it sooner. October would be great, but due to the zero promotion so far and practically no awareness about the movie among the general public, I understand, if the release date has to be postponed so that people know about it and actually go see it.

God, I can't believe that since the time we first heard about the project till know, Marvel managed to make and release Thor and both Joss and Chris are already underway working on The Avengers, which could in the end be in the theaters sooner than Cabin...
Well, his info is coming from the PR team apparently. I have no problem believing that Lionsgate is simply moving very quietly under the radar for the time being.
Out of the 8 major releases in the US this October I am aware of one of them and there has been absolutely no advertising or PR for any of them except that one (early trailer for Footloose).
Given last we heard joss didn't know anything, I doubt the actors agents really know anything they aren't reading on the internet.

IrrationaliTV, the movie releases for October are:

Real Steel Hugh Jackman / Dakota Goyo
Friday, October 14

Trailer since December last year, both online and in theatres. Websites, posters, extensive publicity campaign building.

Footloose (2011) Kenny Wormald / Julianne Hough

Trailer since October last year. Posters, website etc.

The Thing (2011) Mary Elizabeth Winstead / Joel Edgerton

Theatrical trailer over a year ago... And now I'll stop.
Which still doesn't necessarily mean anything. Lionsgate not required to have things out right now.
Of course, I don't know a clue. I wouldn't put it out in October now, anyhoo. It deserves a proper release.
I looked up the October releases:

Paranormal Activity 3 is a well known and currently a very popular franchise so people will see it no matter what, Thing remake relies on the brand of the original, films like Real Steel, The Three Musketeers, Red State, Anonymous and mentioned Footloose already have trailers and photos, Wanderlust has only one photo, but also Rudd and Aniston together with the publicity about Aniston being naked (for some people that's enough), The Rum Diary and The Ides of March have not started their promotion yet (Rum having one photo), but they feature stars like Clooney and Depp which can be seen in comparison to the unknown cast of Cabin (and Joss also not being a huge name outside the geek community) as some advantage.

I'm not saying that Lionsgate can't manage to release it with success in October (and I for sure would be glad if they did... hell, after all the waiting I might well even be happy if they released it without success, just to finally see it myself *feels ashamed*), but if they plan to, they should definitely start to let people know about the movie (regardless of the marketing strategies behind other October releases).
I suppose it doesn't help that I have zero interest in any of those movies. Hell, I rarely have any interest in any movies. There's trailer for Real Steel? I've never heard of it. Not disputing. Just saying. Similarly, had no clue they were remaking The Thing. They must be stealthily promoting all this stuff where I am not (in Los Angeles, all over twitter and watching 50+ hours of TV a week).
Lionsgate's publicity website has a Now Playing section, an Upcoming section (2011 and 2012), and a Coming Soon section (no dates). Counterintuitively, the fact that CABIN isn't listed under any of these is actually why I think they're up to something.
There's trailer for Real Steel?

Several, actually. Even a Japanese one. :-)

I don't know how often they play them in the cinemas or whether there are some billboards, magazine ads etc.(I'm not from the States and here where I live in Europe, the advertising push for movies in general isn't so big - especially if they are still 3-4 months away from release and not part of a famous franchise), but the film's promotion is at least present on the web.
Real Steel is also what's on the SDCC banners hanging all over San Diego right now.
Ok. I googled Real Steel. I take it all back. I did see one trailer for that last January when I took my dad to see True Grit. Looks horrible. I blocked it out.
Any news about if and when this movie will be released?
WheelsOfJoy, if that was sarcastic you gave me the best chuckle of the day. If not, maybe you should read the comments in the thread. :)
The whore looks golden-hearted.

ETA The fool, a little Shakespearian.

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The images with the red blood streaks are cool. The Breakfast Club titles, not, even if "The Whore" were taken out. I'm sure there's some cleverer stuff to put on a promotional poster.
Reminds me of Thor posters, only without the distracting labels on the faces.
If it's going to be released in October, Comic-Con would be the logical place to start the marketing. Seems unlikely we'd get this close to Comic-Con and still not hear anything, doesn't it? I wonder if they'll at least have posters at the Lionsgate booth. (I'm assuming they'll have a booth... ?)
Lionsgate has a booth, yes. I would tend to agree that if it's planned for this year, I suspect Comic-Con would be where they'd drop something. But, who knows.
The Hollywood Reporter puts it in the "Don't Be So Sure" category when looking at what could be seen at Comic-Con.

Writer-director Boaz Yakin's Safe (October 28), which stars Jason Statham, could be there, as could Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon's The Cabin in the Woods, which the studio picked up from MGM a few months ago.

Oh, Hollywood Reporter, how hysterical you are. Real Steel "could" do something? They are the property adorning the SDCC banners hanging all over town for days now. So, take the rest of this article with some salt.

ETA that I'm overstating it, of course. But it's hilarious they don't know Real Steel has banner placement.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2011-07-07 11:35 ]
'Real Steel' looked pretty dreadful from the first trailer (like the long unanticipated "Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots: The Movie") but the second one was a lot more interesting, with the slant towards AI, what makes a human a human, living vicariously through your "children" etc. May well give it a look.
I created that poster! Here's my deviantart page:

The labels (Athlete, Whore, etc) above the actors are actually significant to the plot (I read the script). They are referred to as such in the movie and not something I thought up.

And yes, it does mention Joss Whedon's CITW but it also says "From the writer of Buffy, Lost and Cloverfield" regarding Drew. I tried to feature both.

Glad some of you like it though!

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