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July 06 2011

Buffy Season 9 Desktop Wallpaper from Dark Horse. Not sure if this got lost in the Whedon Wednesday shuffle, so wanted to share that Dark Horse has provided a Buffy S.9 Wallpaper in various sizes for your various gadgets (computer, iPhone, iPad, etc).

Is Faith wearing Six's iconic dress from Battlestar Galactica, or is it just close enough to look as if it is?
This is a Buffyverse bloody dream.
Fullscreen only? Are you kidding me?
Haha, that Faith top has certainly received a lot of attention in the past few weeks!
It's very very close to at least the top of Six's dress but the strap which is supposed to be a halter-strap (starting at the armpits and going around the back of the neck) is in the wrong (and a completely nonsensical) place. :)
Isn't that Buffy from the cover of issue 2 of Season 8? Oh, to see these three together again...
Oh, hey. Check out that font for Angel & Faith - is that official? Have we seen it before? I like. Reminiscent of the AtS font, but with a new identity.
and yes, she is the same from Buffy the Vampire Slayer #2 cover.
Nah, totes a different shade of red to Six's dress.

I was hoping for a nice selection but this image is a bit cobbled together. I think I'll wait till the issues come out and hope they have a bunch of Jo Chen covers.
Meh, let's photoshop an old image of Buffy onto a Angel & Faith cover. It's a bit "well this do?".
The biggest problem is still Faith's eyes. I've made them darker for my desktop/whenever I've used the image and it makes everything seem much more natural -- even Buffy's sunny presence there.

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