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July 06 2011

(SPOILER) Rebekah Isaacs' sketches for Angel & Faith. Spoiler tagged as it features a new character for the season.

Color me excited! (Pun totally intended. BUT ANGEL AND FAITH LOOK PRETTY EVEN IN B&W!)
She does draw Angel really well.

And yay new character!
Very nice.I'm really loving her art.
Lovin' that new character already. What a cool outfit.

Isaacs says she looked at the Boreanaz of his early BtVS days as a reference for her Angel, rather than going off his current appearance. I think it shows, and it helps give us a sense of the character rather than the actor.

Of course, Faith looks exactly like Faith and not just Eliza Dushku, too, so maybe she just has an inherent talent for capturing characters.
Gaah!! When I saw the spoiler tag, I got excited thinking it was someone new (as in new to the Angel & Faith comic book, not universe) like Gunn or Connor.
Is that Olivia, Giles' girlfriend from Hush?
Saw this at Slayalive.

I think her art is rather gorgeous.

That said, I also think Faith has a very Cordelia-esque look to her.

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