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July 07 2011

The Browncoat Anthem. A Firefly-inspired rap by parody artist ActorPat. Hilariously shiny!

I like it. And being a rapper myself, I'm usually pretty picky about what raps I like.
It's lyrically simple, but it stays on topic and conveys the information well, and also manages to be entertaining. 'Sgood.
Shiny indeed!
I enjoyed that, cheers.
Just awesome. Love how it incorporated every character and every episode.
I laughed aloud at the Simon/Kaylee line. Other than that fun but low-key.
I just double posted this. Sorry - I got all excited because Tim Minear posted it at Facebook a short while ago and I hadn't noticed it was already here. Didn't mean to usurp.
It happens to the best of us. Have to admit it's sort of funny given how you framed the post though. :)

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