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July 07 2011

Jane Espenson interviewed at Tor. She answers 10 questions, mostly about 'Torchwood'. The Hollywood Reporter and ThinkProgress have Q&As with her as well.

I added a link to another interview. The Torchwood coverage may have a slight danger of getting out of hand so entries will more than likely get merged.
No problem Simon. I was of course unaware of the THR article, but I am glad that I made my initial title short, so there's plenty of room to add on as the need might arise. :)
Maybe she shouldn't ever go to Cardiff, I kind of like the idea of Jane having a Wales in her head where everyone's like Russell T Davies. Until she visits, that Wales sort of exists, cos of quantum ;).
There seems to be a lot of Espenson excitement on the web recently. Thank gosh she and so many other Mutant Enemy affiliated writers/directors/etc have been kept working.
Stay you, Jane!
Watched the first episode. Felt really slow and repetitive until the last ten minutes or so. Hopefully it's just the necessary legwork of setting up the season and the pace picks up in the coming weeks.
I'm just tickled pink to read a post about Jane. She's just one of those people you can't help to return a smile to :)
I added a link to a ThinkProgress Q&A.

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