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July 07 2011

Torchwood: Web of Lies now available on iTunes USA. The 10-part companion to "Torchwood: Miracle Day" is billed as an "episodic interactive experience that fuses incredible motion comic graphics and gameplay to tell a digital-exclusive Torchwood story".

Stars Eliza Dushku, John Barrowman, and Eve Myles, and is written by Jane Espenson.

Well, I'm not going to buy it twice, so I'll just wait for the DVD.
Well you can get the first one for free to see what it's like.

It should come out in the UK soon (next week?).

According to some press release, it was 59p for a bundle of three episodes or 1.79 for the lot.
Being Canadian and not one for iTunes, I too will be waiting for the DVD/blu-ray release.
According to some press release, it was 59p for a bundle of three episodes or 1.79 for the lot.

They're gonna sell loads of the three episode bundles then [/sarcasm].

That's a pretty reasonable price though, even if it may mean reinstalling iTunes yet again. And the description makes it sound like a taste of entertainment from the future ! Interactive and incredible, those are two of my favourite 'I's !
FYI the iTunes link is for an iOS app.
iPhone, iPod touch, iPad.
Which is why I kept arguing against calling this a "web series". It's simply not a web series.
Yeah, I can't download it, even though I do have an iPhone. You have to have the iPhone 4.2 OS update, which I can't get on my early-version iPhone - though I can get most app upgrades, etc...

Strange to have this Big Deal be so strangely limited. I kinda don't get what they were thinking. They've missed my Big Mouth in their drive for buzz.
My iTunes says it's a game app for iPhones. Which sucks, because I don't have an iPhone (or a smart phone, period). Oh well.
So, it's not available on iTunes?
It is on iTunes, Invisible, but you can only download it if you have an iPhone, an iPad, or an iPod. At least that is my understanding.
Oh, it's still not available on any other platform ? How very 90s. Still, saves me having to reinstall iTunes.
I downloaded it last night, and my reaction was kind of meh. I've never cared much for webisodes anyway, getting a story in dribs and drabs spread out over months. The game seems to have the same strategy of spreading out over the weekly updates. The animation is OK, but no more than that.

In other news, Miracle Day isn't on iTunes yet.
I got an iNothing, and I'm not planning to put iTunes on this computer after how it frelled with my last one.

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