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July 08 2011

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Whedonverse titles for October. There's solicitations for "Angel & Faith" #3, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9" #2, and "Dollhouse: Epitaphs" #4.

Beautiful covers!

Frankly, I hoped for a Buffy/Spike cover (in season 8 #2 featured a Buffy/Xander cover). Still, very nice.
"Angel and Faith" covers are intriguing.

Looks like their story will be truly epic.

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Covers look great and the issues sound interesting especially Angel And Faith.
And the freefalling imagery continues on the Buffy book. :)
I really like Jeanty's variant... it's pretty different from his previous covers and definitely a fan of the hair change... the ponytail of S8 was waaaay too utilitarian.
As for the Morris cover... hmmm... strange leper demon? Kinda naked (but tastefully swaddled in rags?) strange leper demon?
Both the A&F covers are quite nice, but Morris' Faith kinda looks a little wraith-ish.
Man A&F is looking e.p.i.c.!
Finally news about Willow. I spent all those months wondering about her destiny now that Buffy took away the magic in the world.
I wonder if these new issues will end her being in Fray future or not.
October not September.
I had thought Joss was only co-writing the first issue. Did I make that up? Curious about Willow's new look. It must be very drastic if it is a key plot point, methinks.
Thanks for the catch, Simon... I'm somewhat stuck in the past, it seems. :)
I like all the covers, except for the first Buffy one. I really don't like how Buffy looks. By that, I mean the style she's drawn in.
Getting all three! I hope the covers don't like and Echo actually appears in that issue of Dollhouse.
Commentary from Steve Morris on his Angel And Faith #3 & Buffy Season 9 #2 covers.

Angel And Faith #3

Buffy Season 9 #2
So what has happened to Jo Chen? Is she not doing covers this season?
I love all the covers. The only one I have a little tiny bit of trouble with, is Jeanty's it really doesn't look like her. I love the cover but that's just a minor downside.
Love both Morris covers. His Angel cover reminds me of the James Jean Fables covers, and Buffy one reminds me of Adrian Alphona's work on Runaways (and little of Jo Chen). Speaking of Jo, do we know if she's coming back? I miss her :(

Also, these Phil Noto covers are simply amazing! They really inform the tone and kick everything up a notch. Welcome to comics Dollhouse!

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I like all the covers except Jeantys. I'm afraid his balloon headed Lollita version of Buffy doesn't sit well with me personally.
Love all of the covers and the solicitations are very interesting. I love the idea of detectives coming after Buffy (her run ins with the law were some of my favourite moments in the series) and, woah, the morah demon. Great stuff.
All looking good although I am giving the Buffy a miss after the atrocity that was Season 8. The Angel looks like it's going to be amazing.

Is it just me or is interest waning for these comics? When I read the comments here during the Season 8 and After the Fall solicitations the comments would be well over a hundred people, but now barely 20 people are posting.
I think it's just you. Hitwise it's about the same, and we very rarely got 100+ comments on soliciations threads and when we did it was due to certain events. Discussions threads, well that's an other story.
Higher res versions of the covers can now be found over at CBR.
1-Hate Jeanty's cover. When did Buffy a)become an anime-esque series and B)when did the character become half her age?
2-Mohra demon. Wow, that's...interesting. Excited to see what comes of that.
3-WHERE IS MY JO CHEN COVER! *sad face of the very sad* :(
4-Not a huge fan of Morris's Buffy but it's not bad. His Angel and Faith are pretty great.
5-I love that Isaac's is our A&F interior artist. She's excellent.
6-Is it me, or are the Dollhouse covers a little less dynamic and exciting than they've been for other issues?
The Dollhouse covers have a European comic book feel to them. As for the Jeanty one, it's probably his best drawn one to date but also the most inappropriate. Unless it pertains to the story somehow. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
Why do you see it as inappropriate? It's not my favourite Jeanty cover (I preferred the style he used for the #1 variant) but I don't see anything wrong with it.
She looks too young.
Oh, okay.
I've really liked Phil Noto's covers so far, but I'm not a big fan of his cover for "Epitaphs" #4. Too photoreferenced for my liking... I mean, isn't that shot of Echo pretty much lifted from a promo photo?
Steve Morris is a nice and welcome addition to the books.
But if Jo Chen is not doing monthly covers anymore, at least I hope she will do the TPB ones for both titles.
Weird. That doesn't look like Buffy on Jeanty's cover. Too young definitely, but that's not all that's going on there.
It almost certainly is Buffy or to be really anal about it, an image of Buffy. A distinction that should mean very little, but to an artist is like a commandment from above to find messed up ways to convey meaning and stuff. I guess that means more bigheaded Buffy, and that things should stay on script and not have the art be inconsistent.
Have we ever seen a Mohra demon aside from "IWRY? I love the art of Angelus splitting away from Angel too...and that Buffy cover is gorgeous. Bravo to all the pretty art. I quite like Georges art. I think all the covers are rad.
Btw, Scott Allie confirmed via Twitter that the title for the first arc of the Buffy book is "Freefall".
Have we ever seen a Mohra demon aside from "IWRY?

We haven't. It's very exciting. This is a direct reference to The Episode That Was Forgotten, and has to involve Angel's humanity in some way.

I loved all these covers though I have the same complaints about Jeanty's as everyone else does - although, ignore the character's inaccurate portrayal and it's kind of a cute scene. Just tell them you're collecting kindling, Buffy!

"Freefall", huh? Neat. Can they have her falling on the cover of every issue of the first arc?
@Kairos: Well, she's been falling in the two covers we've seen so far, so perhaps she'll keep falling for the rest of the arc. :)

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