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July 08 2011

The Hollywood Reporter interviews Felicia Day. Felicia talks about Comic-Con, and reminisces about her first time at the event with Joss Whedon.

Of course, she wasn't in Hall H for Dr. Horrible, she was in Ballroom 20. But I suppose for one's first time, it might have seemed like Hall H.
THR: What questions would you recommend fans not ask during panels?

Day: Don't ask a person about their canceled show.

So no asking Joss if he's going to bring back Firefly?
"If your iPod were cancelled, what would've been on it just beforehand ?"

Seems a bit academic now anyway - obviously he's bringing 'Firefly' back as soon as 'The Avengers' hits big, that's probably been his plan all along.

(and Felicia talking sense is getting a bit old, can't she do just one interview where she answers everything with "Wibble!" while wearing her pants on her head ?)

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