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July 09 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar teams up with Nestle to promote literacy. Video featuring SMG talking about the importance of reading for children.

It's great to see her so passionate about literacy. Also, props for giving her daughter There's a Wocket in My Pocket. :)

That is so awesome. She's fantastic! Of course, I already knew that but it needs repeated from time to time.
It's like she hasn't aged a day since season 7. Wow.

My mom is a teacher and she often repeats these sentiments. I'm glad that Sarah is such a proponent of literature. =)
Very cool. She hasn't aged a day. Have there been any reports of her vanishing in front of crowds?

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Before you cheer too loud, please catch up on what Nestlé *does*.

For a first overview:

To me the company Nestlé as a whole does not seem as a role model for charity.

I'd like to add that, if you wish to effectively support children to thrive, a NPO like "Protect" seems to me a better choice:
Rather not get into the likes or dislikes of whatever chosen charity, I believe it's the thought that's meaningful. And Sarah has certainly done her part in this cause.

Dang, you're right! She hasn't aged. Very good genes from her parents :)
Firstly - go, SMG!!

Secondly, re: Nestle - whaat? To anyone who doesn't follow the link, the evil that Nestle does is to provide a breast milk substitute.


While my wife did choose to breast feed our son, I would never argue with anyone's choice not to do so. My mother, for example, did not, and I have excellent health. (Can't ask my doctor, as I haven't seen one in 17 years.). To each their own, surely, but personally, I'll gladly continue to support Nestle with purchases of their chips, and SMG(P) in general, and am particularly gladdened about her support of literacy!
What exactly is "a role model for charity"?
Not the best thing SMG has ever done in my opinion. Nestle are a pretty irresponsible company as far as I am concerned (even without the infanticide).
That's pretty harsh and unfair. Again, Sarah has really made an impact and supported various causes. Don't link that good nature because of a disagreement of the said company's policies. Think you're missing the meaning here.

And, on an after thought right behind that, kids today could use a little literacy. Tell me I'm wrong.
It is a good cause for sure and SMG's doing a great thing but I have to say, Nestle's not exactly a spotless choice to become involved with (though that said, I doubt they're significantly worse than many multi-nationals, they've just been under the spotlight since the boycott began in the 70s). I was going to say something yesterday but it felt a little like devaluing what she's doing. Still...

Secondly, re: Nestle - whaat? To anyone who doesn't follow the link, the evil that Nestle does is to provide a breast milk substitute.

That's not exactly the entire picture - to anyone who still doesn't follow the links (or just reads the Wikipedia page), some of what Nestle has done (or has been accused of doing) includes:

- (in the mid 70s) promoting formula over breast milk using unethical means e.g. they are alleged to have "pushed" free formula on new mothers in hospitals in the developing world only to start charging when they leave (kind of like a crack dealer) as well as "incentive" programmes for medical staff etc. (in the same way many pharmaceutical companies operate in the west). And in the developing world it's not whether formula itself is better or worse for you than breast milk LKW, the problem is more that formula requires clean water to make, clean water being in fairly short supply in some places (and you turned out fine, good for you - formula aside, were you raised in a clean, warm environment largely free from disease carrying insects and rodents with ready access to potable water, doctors, medicines, antibiotics etc. ? Because again, not everyone is)

- (in 2002) demanding payment of $6 million owed by Ethiopia (presumably over coffee since they're one of the largest coffee companies in the world) when Ethiopia was in the depths of a famine. $6 million is about what Nestle turns over in one hour BTW. They backtracked somewhat after protests.

- (in 2009) bought milk from farms in Zimbabwe "owned" (after being illegally seized) by the wife of Robert Mugabe even though the dictator and those around him are subject to EU sanctions for human rights abuses (Nestle is HQed in Switzerland, which isn't part of the EU so legally they don't have to observe them). Again, they stopped when they were caught.

- allegedly bought cocoa beans from plantations on the Ivory Coast where child slave labour is used.

- lied about the extent to which plastic drinks bottles are recycled in order to promote bottled water as an environmentally positive product (even though their own reports have stated that in fact most of their bottles aren't recycled).

And so on.
Right up there with Yoyodyne, Weyland-Yutani, and News Corp., eh?
Well, i'd say at least worse than the first two owing to the whole not-being-made-up thing ;).

But yeah, as I say, all multi-nationals are going to have been guilty of something at some time (anybody here own a Volkswagon or anything made by IBM or Siemens for instance ?) not because they're inherently evil, just because they're formed by people and people can make mistakes, be corrupt, careless, greedy etc. - if you tried to lead a life totally untouched by it you'd have to buy nothing and move to a cave, it's just down to where you draw your own personal line. My post was more in the way of correcting any misapprehensions about them being as pure as the driven snow.
Ok, guys, you're missing the fact that Sarah PROMOTES READING TO YOUR CHILD, not Nestle. There was a link here some time back of her reading to a library full of kids and talking about how important it is to read.

That's her message, not "Support Nestle like I do." In fact, going by this video, I'm not seeing that she's a proponent of Nestle, rather that they interviewed her about reading to kids because it's something they want to promote.

I saw nothing to indicate that she was "working for" Nestle.
Turn my back for one second...

While I'll definitely agree that Nestle does not have an amazing track record, I still think that promoting literacy is a wonderful thing to do. If anything, it means that a new generation of kids will grow up with the basic skills they need so that they can one day question disturbing practices like the one Saje mentioned. I don't think SMG is somehow disreputable for promoting a good cause, even if the program itself is through a disreputable company.
I watched the video for SMG. I didn't really notice anything else. If it wasn't for the comments here, I would have had no idea Nestle was involved.
Saje, think we're fighting the same, just from different directions. I've heard and respect your say. Must let those thoughts filter thru the ole' brainpan.

As always, it's a joy to discuss these matters:)

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