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July 09 2011

Joss Whedon panel announced for Comic-Con. That'll be on the Saturday. Other highlights on that day include Chuck and Knights of Badassdom panels.

10:00-10:45 Chuck Screening and Q&A - Adam Baldwin

11:00-12:00 Terra Nova - Jose Molina

2:15-2:35 Family Guy - Seth Green

2:15-3:15 Knights of Badassdom - Summer Glau

2:30-3:30 TV Guide Magazine Presents: Super Supernaturals - David Greenwalt

3:00-4:00 Dark Horse: Joss Whedon

3:00-4:00 The Write Stuff III: Writing for Genre Television and Beyond - Jose Molina

4:00-5:00 The Guild Season 5: Convention Timez! - Felicia Day

4:15-5:15 Grimm - David Greenwalt & Jim Kouf

6:30-7:30 Good Vibes - Alan Tudyk

More on the master list. I didn't recognize Jim Kouf for that one, oops.
Alan is there on Saturday. Dollhouse comic focuses partly on Alpha. Joss' panel is presented by Dark Horse. Think Alan will crash?
I was wondering if there would be a sneak peek at Cabin but then I did wonder that last year.
Three days of schedules out and there hasn't even been a Lionsgate panel listed. Unless they have anything Sunday, it'll just be their booth I guess.
So is he over at the Hilton? Is that bigger?
No, it's a capacity cut. Indigo is about half of Ballroom 20.
I think they put Joss there mainly to let people see him and the Guild panel. I guess they felt Summer at Knights of Badassdom around the same time would split enough of the fandom.
Or this was the only day Joss could do a panel, and B20 is full of active TV programs. (FOX ones, in fact.)
Someone has to ask him the Hamlet question. Second Quarto or First Folio? It's time to settle this.
How early would any of you suggest getting in line to get a seat for Joss' panel? I will make that the main event of my Saturday!
I'm just going to go starting first thing. Then I know someone who is leaving the room after Being Human and if they have a better seat I'll get it from them.
The one time I saw Joss Whedon at comic con his 'panel' (he was alone really) was at 6 pm, but you needed to get into the ballroom by the first panel of the day (ie in line by about 7 am)... because No. One. Ever. Left.

Actually that wasn't actually true, some people did leave after the last of the big TV/movie panels were done, but security thought the room was full and didn't let late comers into the ballroom for Joss' big Q&A. So my advice remains the same, get there early and camp out. Good luck!
Thanks for the advice Bix and embers. I imagine some people might be there to see Frank Miller before Joss and might leave afterwards. However, you could end up with security not letting people in. Also I imagine that there will be people sticking around to get into the Guide and Charlies Angels panel afterwards.

Note that you can mark down which panels you wish to attend and make yourself a schedule. With that data, the schedule ranks which are the most popular panels and Joss' panel right now is at #37. One above Kevin Smith and one after Steven Spielberg's & Peter Jackson's Tin-Tin.
And that's just of the people actually using the Sched thing. Most attendees clearly aren't.
"Knights of Badassdom" starring Summer Glau, Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) will be released in Spring 2012.
Somewhat surprising that an indie movie got a ticket for Hall H at SDCC; it's maybe due to the lack of big studios this year.

Source : Summer Glau Wiki

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