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July 09 2011

(SPOILER) Jewel Staite to appear in 'Supernatural'. She will be in the third episode, scheduled to air Oct. 7th. The 3rd paragraph in the link contains some spoilers for the episode.

Awesome. Considering her role she might even be a recurring character.
That would be great. But considering that this is Supernatural, I have trouble hoping that any female character has a chance to stay with the show for too long. It would be nice to be wrong though and I wish her the best of luck.
Like last season, looks like they are shooting this episode first because Jensen Ackles is directing and can use the summer break to prepare.

I am excited for this season of Supernatural and truly hope they go back to the "monster of the week" format. Enough of this angels nonsense.
I hope she gets more screen time than Amber did this past season in her appearance!
This news tickles me pink, Jewel was spot on in "Wonder Falls", really looking forward to her character play here.
HELL yes. Now the hellatus is killing me even more!
Woot! Jewel Staite and Jensen's directing? Fall can't get here soon enough. :)
Nice. I like both Supernatural and Jewel, so I'm glad to hear this news and look forward to the episode.

So Jewel is the fifth whedoneverse actress to guest in SPN (after Amy, Julie, Amber and Mercedes), right?
Awesome. Now I am still impatiently waiting for Eliza to make an appearance.
I'd like to see Julie Benz come back. Her episode is one of my favourite ever Supernatural episodes.

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